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This Week in Apex Legends news: rockets, roller coasters, and ranked

It's been quite a busy week for Apex Legends fans, but don't worry, here's a quick round-up of all the best stories about this battle royale shooter for you

Apex Legends news rocket launcher Titanfall maps ranked: an image of Pathfinder with spooky Bloodhound on his screen

Well, what a week it’s been. We know Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, but it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on with Respawn Entertainment’s shooter – especially when all we can think about is the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer. However, if you’re looking for a quick run-down on everything that’s happened, we have you covered. Here’s what you need to know regarding Apex Legends news this week.

First things first, as it’s finally Spooktober, we need to talk about the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event that kicked off on October 4. For this event, Respawn Entertainment is bringing back Shadow Royale with a brand new map – Olympus After Dark – and a selection of terrifying Halloween-themed skins for players to spend their Apex Coins on. Interestingly, rather than introduce a two-week Reward Track for this event, Apex Legends players can look forward to four weeks of rotating LTM playlists throughout the month.

Starting with the spooky Shadow Royale, players will be able to dive back into the popular Gun Run LTM from October 11 on Estates After Dark, Skulltown, and Fragment East. Then, from October 18, Control returns on Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark. At the end of the month, from October 25, players will be able to jump back into Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark one more time.

Now, while we know that’s all quite exciting, there could be even more to look forward to in the weeks ahead when it comes to Apex Legends’ future content updates. Why do we say this? Well, Apex Legends might be getting a heavy rocket launcher in the future – despite devs explaining why Apex Legends doesn’t have more Titanfall weapons in a Reddit AMA a week before.

How do we know about all this? Well, trusted Apex Legends leaker ‘KralRindo’ has taken a good look at the game’s files and found a working weapon model for Titanfall’s Archer Rocket Launcher in Apex Legends. He does, however, make it clear that no information has been found regarding ammunition or attachments for the weapon – so, it might not make it to the final build of Apex Legends at all.

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However, this is certainly an interesting discovery when you take into account that he has also uncovered that nine Titanfall maps have been added to Apex Legends’ files earlier in the week.

Yeah, you’re reading that right. KralRindo found files for Titanfall’s Exoplanet, Homestead, Angel City, Black Water Canal, Boneyard, Crash Site, Rise, Eden, and Colony in Apex Legends’ latest update. He’s under the impression that Respawn Entertainment is going to use all of these maps exclusively for a brand new LTM, but no more information about that is available at the moment.

We know we can’t quite confirm just how popular a Titanfall-based LTM would be in Apex Legends, but we’re fairly certain it would be a hit. Interestingly, though, Apex Legends analyst ‘Jennife79737685’ has been able to confirm that controllers are more popular than mouse and keyboard with Apex Legends’ top PC Ranked players – thanks to data from Apex Legends Status.

Looking into Apex Legends’ top 25 Ranked players on PC, Jennife has been able to confirm that 88% of these players are exclusively using controllers when they play. This, as you might imagine, has reignited some players’ calls for Respawn Entertainment to nerf the game’s aim assist feature. However, with many arguing that the precision

This, as you imagine, has reignited some players’ calls for Respawn entertainment to nerf aim assist. However, with many arguing that the precision on offer when using a mouse and keyboard is unrivalled, we’re not sure this recent rise in complaints is going to change anything.

Still, this is all quite interesting when you consider the fact that some PC setups will be able to run Apex Legends at a higher performance level than consoles. However, this really is nowhere near as interesting as this Apex Legends Planet Coaster park that took one fan over 18 months to create.

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If you’re sitting there wondering what an Apex Legends theme park would look like, Planet Coaster mastermind ‘DoxNotch’ has spent almost two years answering that very question with Amber Rock Station – a former IMC frontier outpost turned theme park that doubles as a training ground for the Apex Games.

Here, you’ll be able to take a trip on Wattson’s Tesla Coiler, Valkyrie’s Pilot Academy, and more as you work your way around the park to the big finale: Escape From Singh Lab. With custom-made in-game assets, cleverly edited voice lines, and an attention to detail we’re envious of, this is by far one of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen.

And, that just about does it when it comes to Apex Legends news this week. Whether you’re going to jump into a game of Shadow Royale next, or try to climb the Apex Legends ranks, expect a lot more exciting news in the future. If the rumours are true, big things are coming to Apex Legends in the future.