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A new Apex Legends glitch turns the Sentinel sniper rifle fully automatic

A glitch allows players to rapid fire the bolt-action sniper rifle with devastating effect

Apex Legends

Sniper rifles often dominate shooting games – and for good reason. We all remember that bit in Saving Private Ryan when their sniper shoots the other sniper through the eyehole, right? They’re brutal weapons, but that can sometimes lead to them being overpowered in video games. Even Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone recently had to patch the SP-R sniper because it was too strong, and Apex Legends is no different.

The number of Charge Rifle beams you see shooting across the map are like deadly orange chemtrails with the sole aim of levelling up Evo Shields. The Triple Take can function as a shotgun as well as an effective sniper, and the Kraber one-shots opponents – if you can find it.

However, the Sentinel has fallen short in recent months. Its 70 damage doesn’t make up for the massive recoil and long reload times, so many players simply walk on by if they see one lying on the ground. However, all that has changed with a new bug in the latest Season 6 update, the Aftermarket Event.

The bug is letting players fire the bolt-action sniper rifle at an astonishing rate, as seen in this clip posted on Reddit. It’s hardly an R-99, but a lot faster than any other sniper rifle.

Oh man, the sentinel is fully automatic now from apexlegends

The damage the Sentinel can do at this speed is deadly, and players are abusing the bug to rack up easy kills. The cause of the bug is currently unknown, but dataminer Shrugtal believes it’s to do with an upcoming hopup. Apparently, the Marksman’s Tempo will likely increase the Sentinel’s firing speed – albeit not to this extent.

A Respawn developer in the Reddit thread confirmed they are working on a patch for this, but it seems like players will be abusing the rapid-fire sniper in Apex Legends ranked matches for the meantime.