Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s AS-VAL and SP-R sniper will be tuned next patch

The newest weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone are both incredibly powerful

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s latest weapons will both experience some “tuning” in the game’s next patch, which is set to release “as soon as possible.”

Both the AS-VAL assault rifle and the SP-R 208 sniper have been used heavily by players, particularly in Warzone, and have both landed straight into the battle royale’s meta. The SP-R, in particular, has been immensely strong with its crazy range, damage, and quick reload speed in between shots. Now it seems as if Infinity Ward has deemed its new additions too strong (or maybe too weak, who knows anymore) as both weapons will receive “tuning” in an imminent patch.

Infinity Ward’s communications manager tweeted the news earlier today, saying that the patch will be released “as soon as possible” so long as there aren’t any “unforeseen issues.” This will be both good and bad news depending on what side of the AS VAL and SP-R’s bullets you’re on, but when Infinity Ward swoops in this quickly to tune a new gun you know that it’s seriously too strong.

While both guns are statistically strong, AS-VAL users have also reported a serious bug with the gun that sees it shoot through any wall or surface on the Warzone map. This will likely be the main focus of the patch.

There have also been a few more instances of Warzone’s infamous ‘demon gun’ glitch in which weapon textures are possessed by Satan himself and completely ruin the user’s field of view.

If you’re quick, you can utilise the current power of the new guns with our optimum AS-VAL loadout and SP-R 208 loadout. But hurry, this patch sounds like it isn’t far away.