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Apex Legends Season 7 release date, Horizon, updates and more

Take a trip down memory lane with everything that Apex Legends Season 7 added to the hit battle royale, from a new map to a fresh Legends, and much more.

If you liked the gravity star from Titanfall 2, then you’re going to love Apex Legends Season 7. Apex Legends carries a lot of lore over from the Titanfall series, but it seems more apparent this season than ever before, especially with the addition of the new legend Horizon and her unique abilities.

Of course, Horizon isn’t the only new thing to be added to Apex Legends this time around. In fact, we’re getting a whole load of toys to play with. The game’s third map, Olympus, which is bright, colourful, and pretty spacious, is making its debut, along with a new space-type vehicle known as the Trident.

Season 7’s new content is going to push Apex Legends into a new age and a new competitive meta, so it’s certainly one for the books. To help you wrap your head around the changes coming to the battle royale, we’ve typed up everything we know about Apex Legends Season 7 in one handy guide.

Apex Legends Season 7 release date

Apex Legends Season 7’s release date was Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – just after the end of Season 6.

This let us sink our teeth into the new and improved battle pass (more on that later), try out clubs, and get working on getting to Apex Predator in Apex Legends ranked.

Apex Legends Season 7 new legend

Every season, Apex Legends gets a brand spanking new character to play around with and Season 7 was no exception. Horizon made her debut in Ascension and comes with a pretty heart-wrenching space exploration, time-bending story.

Although that’s not how she started. According to the development team, Horizon was originally pitched as an evil character with “abilities based around fire.” This quickly changed when the design team got hold of her though.

Apex Legends Season 7: Horizon tinkering with a scientific device, looking at it with a surprised expression.

Her passive, Spacewalk, increases her air control meaning she can hover longer in the air and take much softer landings. This all means that Horizon is one of the best legends for movement since she can hit the ground running after jumping from big heights and get to more difficult-to-reach places.

Her tactical, Gravity Lift, allows her to reverse the flow of gravity to scoop up allies – and enemies – and throw them into the air. If you’re using it for team play, Gravity Lift allows you to scale large structures without needing to utilize your parkour skills. In fights though, it can be used to disrupt enemy movement and help you get out of sticky situations.

It’s her ultimate that has been by far the biggest game changer though. Black Hole does exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bit like the Gravity Star from Titanfall 2, but in this case, Horizon chucks it to a set destination where it then begins sucking everything in its path to the center. Enemies can outrun it if they’re far enough away, but it is good for pulling people out of cover in big fights or stopping their escape. Regardless, if you’re going to use it – make sure you’ve got a couple of grenades on you to make the best use of its potential.

Like all new legends, Horizon cost 10,000 Legend Tokens or 750 coins to unlock when she was introduced. Now, however, she will cost you 12,000 Legend Tokens.

Apex Legends Season 7 new map – Olympus

In Season 7, fans got to explore Olympus, Apex Legends’ third map, for the very first time. It’s an iconic destination now though.

Since its release, Olympus has continued to offer a unique experience. It’s a bit different to the existing map pool as Olympus is significantly more urban, set in a city placed well above the clouds on the planet Psamathe.

The map isn’t quite the biggest we’ve had, but it can feel like it. This is because Olympus was been designed to feel quite spacious – and to allow Season 7’s new vehicle, the Trident, to get around easily.

Apex Legends Season 7: A wide-angle view of the Olympus map, showing two large buildings in the Oasis area, with various other buildings and scenery in the background.

The lore lovers were also kept happy this season as this map lets you visit the restaurant Loba’s parents were murdered in by Revenant. Spooky, right?

Olympus had been in the works since the Spring of 2019 according to the development team and started as concept art from the world of Titanfall. While we still don’t have a sequel to the beloved Titanfall 2, Apex has been giving us a taste ever since its launch, and Season 7 was no different.

Apex Legends Season 7 vehicle – the Trident

For the first time ever, Apex Legends Season 7 added a vehicle. The Trident is a three-person driveable vehicle that helps transport squads from one part of the map to another.

Apex Legends Season 7: Two groups of players firing at each other while driving a hover bike.

When Season 7 debuted, there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the addition of vehicles. After all, it’s quite a significant change to the flow of the match, letting players quickly move around the map with much more protection than sprinting in the open. Nowadays though, vehicles are less of a hot topic.

Apex Legends clubs

One of the biggest features that came with Season 7 of Apex Legends was the club feature. Clubs were a bit like guilds in other games and allowed you to come together with 30 like-minded players for games.

While it sounded like a great idea on paper, it never truly caught on in the community. Few players actually took advantage of its group-finding capabilities. As a result, Clubs were removed in Apex Legends Season 20.

Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass

The battle pass and its challenge system also got a rework for Season 7. An improved tracker system, which is displayed on the right-hand side of the lobby screen, has helped players keep an eye on their progress ever since the update.

In-game, challenges that are close to being completed will also be displayed, helping players work their way to new rewards.

As for the juicy rewards, Season 7 offered players a new Wraith and Octane Legendary skin to take fashion to new heights, and a Cutting Edge Reactive R99 skin awaited players who achieved level 100.

Apex Legends on Steam

Season 7 also marked the first time Apex Legends was available on Steam. With cross-progression available right away, it’s no surprise that its Steam release caught on like wildfire on the PC side of things.

As you can see, Apex Legends Season 7 brought a lot to the hit battle royale game that has improved the experience ever since. With the later removal of Clubs, however, it’s easy to forget how great this season was for one of the best FPS games and best battle royale games on the market.