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Apex Legends’ Revenant can break out of bounds in new map teaser

Apex Legends' new map is almost here and if you want to see a little more than you're supposed to, there's a way you can break out of bounds with Revenant

Apex Legends Season 15 map teaser Revenant out of bounds: an image of Revenant in front of a broken window

We know Apex Legends’ Catalyst is a terraformer coming for Gibraltar’s crown, but it looks like Revenant is the legend Respawn Entertainment really need to keep an eye on. Why are we saying that? Well, it looks like players can make use of Revenant’s Stalker passive ability to actually climb out of bounds in Apex Legends’ new interactive map teaser. We know he doesn’t like playing by any rules, but we can’t imagine this was intentional.

While running around exploring the new lunar-located map – well, at least the area of the map that an Apex Legends Golden Ticket will give you access to –

While running around and exploring the new lunar-located Apex Legends map – well, at least the area that an Apex Legends Golden Ticket will give you access too – Reddit user ‘Dailivel‘ discovered that Revenant can actually just about climb high enough to make it over the hardlight walls in the starting area of this interactive teaser.

We know over a quarter of Apex Legends’ top players are now using Horizon, but it seems like only Revenant quite has what it takes to escape the boundaries of this teaser and fully explore everything on offer in this teaser.

As you can see in the footage below, all you really need to do is navigate a few precariously placed rocks when you’re over the hardlight wall and you’re in – sort of. Dailivel has pointed out that you can only really explore the large unnamed POI featured in the teaser itself – the rest of the map is “just a lot of rocks and walking” and there’s ground actually missing in some places.

How to get out of bounds with Revenant in the new map teaser. from ApexUncovered

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing out there but empty buildings and barren wasteland. Well, not exactly anyway. In the replies to the aforementioned Reddit post, Dailivel goes on to explain that there’s a building that they believe is Catalyst’s house – or at least where she’s staying on the map – that might contain an easter egg or two. And, if you fall off of the map in your attempts to escape, you’ll find that you can just run around below it – which is odd.

The Apex Legends Season 15 start date is almost here and there’s so much to look forward to beyond this new map, too. You can check out all of Apex Legends Catalyst’s leaked abilities here – which might be accurate – and more on Apex Legends’ Catalyst voice actor here – who you may know from Smite, or One Piece.