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Apex Legends’ Golden Ticket is your key to a new Season 15 teaser

If you're wondering why you're seeing a Golden Ticket special item in the Replicator, you're not alone - this Apex Legends' Golden Ticket is Season 15 related

Apex Legends Golden Tickets Season 15 teaser: an image of Bangalore and 4 Golden Ticket icons

We know over a quarter of Apex Legends’ top players are now using Horizon, which is a lot, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best battle royale games out there right now – because it really is. If you’re wondering why are we saying that this time around, it’s because of the rather unusual Apex Legends’ Golden Ticket item players are starting to see pop up in their Replicator menu.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, but the Apex Legends’ Golden Ticket special item appears to be something of a teaser for Season 15 and the content we’re expecting to see added to this battle royale shooter. Oh, and it’s a pretty great way to get your hands on a golden gun in-game – because the Replicator throws one of them out at you as well.

How do we know this is a teaser for Season 15, though? Well, because this seems to be all about the long-rumoured new moon map that Apex Legends fans are expecting to see introduced in the next major content update. The Golden Ticket special item itself actually has a description explaining that it is “a ticket to see the new home of the Apex Games”. You can check this out in screenshots, courtesy of AlphaIntel, here.

Not only this, but crafting and picking up said Golden Ticket special item in-game adds a strange, locked playlist called A New Home to your main menu; this playlist is currently locked in Apex Legends until next week. When you consider the fact that this comes just days after the start of Respawn Entertainment’s Season 15 teaser on social media, which appears to include Octane’s proposal for a new Apex Games map, it’s clear that the developer is building up to some sort of big reveal ahead of the Apex Legends Season 15 start date.

At the moment, though, there’s no telling what exactly we can expect from Apex Legends when the playlist titled A New Home unlocks next week. However, we’re under the impression that this will be something of a playable teaser showcasing the new moon-based map that data miners have been talking about online for some time. Although, don’t quote us on that – this is just speculation.

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But, as you can see in this earlier Apex Legends social media post teaser, Octane is planning to propose a new location for the Apex Games and it looks like a lot of the leaks we have seen online are starting to be proven true. However, we don’t know whether he’s going to get the town takeover he’s after – even if we think he deserves it.

But, for now, all we can do is wait to see what the playlist called A New Home brings on October 18 – when the countdown is set to expire. While we wait, why not read up on why Apex Legends doesn’t have more Titanfall weapons – and then about how Apex Legends might be getting a heavy rocket launcher from Titanfall in the future. We don’t know how that’s going to affect our Apex Legends tier list, but we’re interested.