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Over a quarter of Apex Legends’ top players are now using Horizon

We know Apex Legends' Horizon is a popular pick, but we didn't realise quite how popular she was - over a quarter of the battle royale's best are using her

Apex Legends Horizon pick rate Season 14: an image of a ginger mum looking frustrated

Introduced in Apex Legends’ seventh season, named Ascension, Horizon is one legend that’s found her place as a firm fan-favourite – with players taking to her like a duck does to water. With a tragically dark backstory, fantastic jokes told by the talented Elle Newlands, and a kit that quite literally defies gravity, it’s easy to see why. However, it seems that she’s only growing more popular with each update – and each new face. Right now, just shy of two years since she was added to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, Horizon is enjoying her highest pick rate in a long time – maybe even ever.

Looking at Apex Legends Status, across all ranks and modes, Horizon is currently enjoying a 7.7% pick rate, which is down somewhat from a high of over 8.5% in September 2022. However, this 7.7% pick rate is still much higher than her average pick rate for the entirety of Season 13 and before.

To make matters even more interesting, Horizon is actually the most popular legend for players trying to climb Apex Legends’ ranks in Platinum and above – by quite some margin, in some cases. For players in Gold and below, she’s one of the top five most popular legends – interestingly joined by Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Pathfinder.

Of course, in a game like Apex Legends, a legend really is only as good as the player that uses them – as you still need to be competent with the weapons on offer to bag a win. But, the adaptability of Horizon’s kit makes her one of the best offensive legends in the game.

For example, Gravity Lift can be used to attack enemies, escape enemies, reposition without the need for vertical ziplines and climbing paths, blocking doorways, helping downed teammates escape danger, and even adding verticality to an otherwise one-level firefight. In addition to this, her ultimate ability – Black Hole – can be a fantastic distraction as well as a way to draw hiding enemies out, clear an area, or even slow enemies in their pursuit of you and your squad. When you consider how much more mobile Horizon is with her Spacewalk passive ability, it’s clear to see why she’s being chosen a lot.

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However, that still doesn’t quite make her the best legend – at least not statistically – even though she should definitely be considered as one of the recommended picks in our Apex Legends tier list.

Apex Legends Status shows that Horizon is currently picked 28.2% of the time by the top 100 players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in ranked playlists. With this same small group of players, who are some of the best players in the world, Horizon’s win rate is only around 45%.

In comparison, Seer (picked 16% of the time) has a win rate of 47.4% and Pathfinder (picked 15% of the time) has a win rate of 47%. There are also quite a few legends with a similar win rate to Horizon, including Lifeline (picked 1.6%, win rate 45.8%), Bloodhound (picked 7.7%, win rate 45.6%), and Wraith (picked 4.5%, win rate 45.9%).

Of course, though, these numbers only tell us the tale of a very select few – however interesting those tales might be. Horizon’s dominant pick rate at the higher end of ranks below Apex Predator should be enough to tell you that she’s someone worth using – or, at the very least, trying out.

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