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Here’s why Apex Legends doesn’t have more Titanfall weapons

Want to see more Titanfall weapons in Respawn Entertainment's battle royale? Well, here's why we're probably not going to see any in Apex Legends anytime soon

Apex Legends no Titanfall weapons dev AMA: an image of hooded Ash with her sword out

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there at the moment and one of the reasons behind this is the game’s selection of weapons. Apex Legends may have fewer guns than Warzone and Fortnite, but they’re balanced fairly well and offer a variety of gameplay opportunities to players. While there are a lot of players happy with the weapons in Apex Legends, there are quite a few who want to see more. When asked, once again, about Titanfall weapons during a Reddit AMA on the battle royale’s characters and firearms, senior game designer Eric Canavese explained exactly why we’re probably not going to see too many more Titanfall guns in Apex Legends.

In his explanation, using Titanfall’s Softball Anti-Armor Grenade Launcher as an example, Canavese details that the weapons in Titanfall are designed “specifically for Titan combat” and that Apex Legends’ combat often just “doesn’t have those sorts of challenges” for players to overcome.

Discussing the Softball explicitly, he goes on to say that Respawn Entertainment would need to look at creating a new weapon category altogether for a grenade launcher – or develop it “specifically as a care package weapon”. However, as he discusses in another Reddit comment, the resources required to develop and introduce a new weapon to Apex Legends outweigh the impact it has on the game when it is limited to care package drops.

“Ultimately,” he begins, “with the amount of work it takes to build new and exciting weapons, limiting them to the care package feels underwhelming… When evaluating how we want to spend our dev time, weapons that can be cycled onto the floor are valued much higher because they can impact the meta in a more meaningful way.”

As you might expect, Canavese takes a ‘never say never’ approach to the topic. He admits that Respawn Entertainment has “definitely considered bringing more Titanfall weapons into Apex”, but makes a valid point in explaining why this would be far more challenging – and time consuming – than people might realise. We know we still want to see more weapons available to help us climb Apex Legends’ ranks, but we don’t think they necessarily need to be pre-existing weapons from Titanfall.

Whether we eventually see the Softball in-game or not, the balancing of the battle royale’s characters is arguably more important and we just want Respawn Entertainment to keep everyone’s Apex Legends tier list fresh – ours included. This is easily one of the best competitive FPS games out there right now – and one of the best free shooting games available – and it’s all thanks to the weapons already available in-game.