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Apex Legends ranked Season 12 will not feature World’s Edge

Apex Legends Season 12's ranked map rotation features Kings Canyon and the newly-reworked Olympus

Apex Legends ranked season 12 maps: Legend Fuse, wearing a gold-plated outfit and sporting silver hair and facial hair, points at an out of shot enemy

Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance is fast approaching, and earlier this week we learned via a media event that World’s Edge would not feature in the public map rotation for the entire season. Now, Respawn has confirmed it isn’t featuring in ranked rotation either, despite being a favourite among competitive players.

For those climbing the Apex Legends ranks in Season 12, you’ll be playing the reworked Olympus in Split 1 and Kings Canyon in Split 2 – the latter of which has had questions raised about its viability as a competitive map.

Despite World’s Edge arguably being one of the most complete and enjoyable maps in Apex’s lineup, to see it not feature at all for an entire season is a surprise. Well, if you really miss World’s Edge that much, you could always tune into the Apex Legends Global Series where it is the sole map for the battle royale’s fiercest competitors.

While Olympus certainly had its issues from a competitive standpoint, it’s rework will see two new POIs added, positions of loots crates and survey beacons adjusted, more cover being added to open areas, and the footprint of the map is expanding to accommodate all this change. It’ll be interesting to see how it fairs in ranked rotation.

Kings Canyon, while certainly providing a dose of nostalgia for long-time Apex players, has always been criticised when it comes to competitive play, so its inclusion over last season’s brand new map Storm Point is also an intriguing decision.

The new ranked season will begin on February 8 with the start of Defiance, and if the lineup of maps in rotation really gets on your wick, you could always go and let off some steam in Apex’s new 9v9, unlimited respawn, infinite ammo Control limited-time mode.