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Apex Legends leak claims new LTMs and MW2-style hardcore mode coming

A new Apex Legends leak suggests that a MW2-style hardcore mode is coming, as well as alongside a new Legend called Ballistic and a Titanfall 2-inspired map

Catalyst legend in Apex Legends Season 15 on PS5 and Xbox

Apex Legends players buckle up, as a juicy leak for future content has recently revealed potential new limited-time modes – including the likes of a hardcore mode that could be ripe for Call of Duty fans.

According to Apex Legends leaker ‘Thordan Smash’, there are several major changes coming to the battle royale. Corroborating claims with fellow leaker ‘Grrt’, Thordan alleges that “Arenas are getting removed” in a future update. Though Arenas forged popularity initially, interest in 3v3 skirmishes has seemingly dwindled in recent seasons.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players could make the leap over to Apex though, as Thoran details a “hardcore battle royale” mode that won’t feature a HUD. MW2 has implemented Tier 1 recently as its hardcore multiplayer mode, but a brutal spin on Call of Duty Warzone 2 is nowhere to be seen.

Like the Winter Express LTM that’s currently part of the Apex Legends Wintertide event, Thordan claims that “Heatwave” is a new limited-time mode in the pipeline, where “every so often a wave of ring heat hovers over the entire map.” To survive, players will need to either head indoors for some shade or find “sunglasses”, that will negate damage from going outside in the blistering heat.

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If you’re more of a duos fiend, another new mode called “Cutest Couple” should scratch that itch. This mode is touted to drop around the Apex Legends Season 16 release date, according to the leaker, which just so happens to line up closely with Valentine’s Day.

There’s info on more than just new modes in this leak too. Ballistic, supposedly named Caliber initially, is a new Legend that will supply teammates with ammo. Armed with a third weapon, Ballistic is rumoured to utilise a devastating sentry gun.

Aside from modes and new legends, there’s also some encouraging news for Titanfall fans in this leak. Respawn Entertainment has peppered in tributes to Titanfall 2 lore in the past, but an update planned for “Season 23” reportedly features the map “District.” It is possible that the leaker is referring to Harbour District, though it remains to be seen. Wall-running mechanics may arrive with this too and “all maps could get wall-running updates.”

Finally, changes to Storm Point and World’s Edge are reportedly coming too, with the latter ditching the divisive ‘Streamer Building’. Sorry Twitch fans.

That’s a whole lot of leaked info on both the near and distant future of Apex. While we wait to see it all potentially arrive in the game, master your skills by climbing the Apex Legends ranks.