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Apex Legends’ Control mode returns soon with some new improvements

Apex Legends Control LTM is back, with loads of new changes and improvements too. The mode returns as part of the Awakening Collection Event

Apex Legends control mode: Loba, Horizon, and Seer from Apex Legends stand in a line and look off to the distance

Apex Legends’ Control limited time mode is returning once again, and players will be glad to see the Respawn’s respawn mode respawning once again. Control will be re-added alongside the Awakening Collection Event on June 21, but it comes with some much-needed improvements.

Respawn says that matchmaking for Control has had a bit of a spruce up, so you should no longer be heading into matches with uneven teams. Time limits for matches are back, and there’s also “new logic for determining when the match should end” to stop them from wrapping up too early.

It’s the actual gameplay changes though that players will be really interested in. For a start, you’ll actually keep your fully charged ultimate on respawn if you are gunned down before you can use it. Also, those hold-your-hand outlines for enemy players are gone – you’ve actually got to use your eyes (or a Bloodhound ult) to see players now.

Stacking objectives with your teammates is now also more beneficial, as the speed in which you capture objectives will get faster the more people you have around the point – up to three times faster, in fact. Full details on this change, and all the other tweaks being made to Control, can be found in the latest Apex Legends patch notes.

Players have long campaigned for Control to be a permanent game mode, so to have it back for a few more precious weeks will be like music to the ears of those Apex fans in particular.

Every time Control returns, Respawn has made decent improvements, and it seems like we’re not far away from a finished product that could maybe one day be its own permanent mode like Arenas – maybe even with its own Apex Legends ranked mode.