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Apex Legends Control - when is the Control LTM coming back to Apex?

Apex Legends' Control is easily one of the best LTMs we've seen so far, but when is it going to return to Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale?

Apex Legends Control return date: An image of Loba from Apex Legends in-game

Apex Legends‘ developers are always innovating and the game’s LTMs are often a fantastic place to witness this. Control, which was first introduced in Season 12, has proven to be one of the most popular LTMs yet – however, it was only available for a handful of weeks when it was first released. This has left a lot of fans asking the following question: when is Apex Legends’ Control coming back?

Control is a 9v9, respawn friendly, point-capture mode with set loadouts and the ability to change legends on the fly. Each Control map is also based on a POI location from one of Apex Legends’ larger maps – this also makes it a fantastic place to get to grips with some of the areas you’ll come across in the battle royale. If you’re asking “when is Apex Legends Control coming back“, you’re not alone.

This experience is going to be invaluable in helping you climb the Apex Legends ranks – which are changing slightly within Season 13 – so it’s worth checking out. Here’s everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Control – when is Control coming back?

Fans of Apex Legends’ Control will be pleased to know that the 9v9 LTM ‘Apex Legends Control’ is returning to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale from June 21.

This LTM is coming back as a part of the Awakening Collection Event. Presumably, this mode will then disappear again after the event ends.

Well, that’s all the latest information on when Apex Legends’ Control is coming back – and how long it’s going to be available for. Is Control ever going to be introduced as a permanent fixture? We don’t know for sure, but we can hope. It’s a great place to practise against other players and our Apex Legends tier list is full of recommendations on which legends you should be using in the battle royale.