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Apex Legends’ new Ballistic leaks could signpost Season 16 shake-up

Apex Legends Season 16 could see the addition of new legend Ballistic, and leakers have given battle royale fans a peek into his abilities

Apex Legends Season 16 characters holding weaponry.

Apex Legends players waiting for their next playable legend are in for a treat. Ballistic, formerly known as Caliber in very early leaked information, has been rumoured to arrive in Apex Legends in either Season 16 or 17. Now, eagle-eyed leakers have discovered Ballistic’s full array of abilities in Respawn’s battle royale.

With legends such as Octane, Wraith, and Bloodhound dominating in both casual lobbies and in Apex Legends ranked mode, players may have a formidable legend to strike back with. Ballistic was first mentioned back in season 13, but now Apex Legends YouTuber ‘PWN hub’ has unveiled a proper look at their kit after being passed leaked information.

It was originally thought Ballistic’s abilities would include a Sentry Gun. However, Ballistic’s full abilities are reportedly listed as the following: Weapon Sling, Smart Bullet, and Weapon Enhancer. According to the leaked screenshot, Weapon Sling allows players to “store a third weapon,” and Smart Bullet is a “projectile that debuffs enemies” causing their weapons to “heat up” and damage them upon overheating.

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Weapon Enhancer is where things could get spicy. Ballistic’s ultimate ability allegedly grants teammates a buff, while giving them “faster reloads, unarmed move speed and “infinite ammo.” Ballistic’s third weapon will also be equipped and upgraded to Gold tier.

Though Ballistic sounds great on paper, and this leak suggests his design and kit is well-developed at this stage, there is still a chance his arrival could be delayed.

Fellow Apex Legends leaker ‘ThordanSmash’ revealed on Reddit that he “genuinely think[s] Respawn won’t have a new legend for season 16.” The leaker also claims Apex Legends will receive a MW2-style hardcore mode, alongside other fresh LTMs. Whether the devs decide to withhold Ballistic remains to be seen, so be sure to check out the Apex Legends Season 16 release date to keep tabs on his arrival.