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This small Apex Legends Ash buff could make her a top tier legend

Do you think Apex Legends' Ash needs a buff? Well, quite a lot of the battle royale's community do and this tactical change sounds like the best option yet

Apex Legends Ash buff arc snare silence: an image of a woman in a hood holding a sword

In recent months, it’s become something of an agreed upon point in the Apex Legends community that Ash needs a buff. Despite seeming quite the effective killer on paper, her Arc Snare tactical ability is lacklustre and her Phase Breach ultimate ability is situational at best. However, all is not lost – we have seen Respawn Entertainment make drastic kit changes to legends before, after all. If you’re wondering what changes we could see, though, one fan has suggested an Apex Legends Ash buff that would make her truly unstoppable.

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit to share their thoughts, ‘Wing6781‘ believes that introducing a silencing mechanic to Ash’s Arc Snare tactical ability is one way Respawn Entertainment can buff this legend and feed into her character as a ruthless killer – and make her a more viable pick when trying to climb the Apex Legends ranks. As a mechanic we’re already seeing in the battle royale through Revenant’s Silence tactical ability and Seer’s Focus Of Attention tactical ability, it’s certainly something we could see being added to Ash’s Arc Snare.

But, we would be lying if we didn’t say we’re skeptical about seeing something like this in the next set of Apex Legends patch notes.

Even still, is this quite enough to push Ash up our Apex Legends tier list – or yours? Well, not exactly – but, Wing6781 is well-aware of this. So, they have also suggested that the thrown Arc Snare should deal five damage a second for three second.

If you’re wondering what this all might look like, the original post (which you can see below) does have some sort of concept accompanying the idea.

"Do you fear me, Legends?" A Simple Buff to Ash’s Tactical "Arc Snare" That Suits Her Ruthless Character. from apexlegends

Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, while it’s certainly not a bad idea, quite a few Apex Legends players do raise a good point in highlighting that the travel speed of Ash’s Arc Snare tactical ability is actually it’s biggest weakness.

“Simplest buff would be to make it move faster… Anyone can see that thing coming a mile away”, one commenter said.

“This is honestly the only change that I think is necessary”, another said in agreement. “The damage is not the purpose of this ability, it’s the snare. The fact that some legends can almost run faster than the snare makes it really weak and unimpactful.”

“It should travel faster and, the more distance it travels, it should snare the enemy for longer”, another has added.

While we’re not sure any changes that will alter the Apex Legends pick rates are coming anytime soon, we do agree that something needs to be done about Ash’s rather ineffective ability kit. Respawn Entertainment has one of the best competitive FPS games out there under its’ belt with Apex Legends – and the fact that things like legends abilities can be changed, and have been changed in the past, only reinforces that. We just don’t know if we’ll see anything like this ahead of the Apex Legends Season 16 release date – but, here’s hoping.