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Apex Legends pick rates - the most popular characters in Season 16

Understanding the Apex Legends pick rates can mean the difference between a high-kill game and an early exit, so pick your legends carefully.

Apex Legends pick rate: Wraith controls electricity

When you’ve played Apex Legends for so long, sometimes it’s easy to forget there are other characters outside of your chosen main. With each legend’s ultimate abilities affecting the game’s overall meta, it’s worth stopping to take a little look at the Apex Legends pick rates, especially for Season 16.

While our Apex Legends tier list might place one legend above another, Apex Legends pick rate data allows you to see who’s being picked in real time, helping you forge new tactics as the meta changes during the course of a season.

But who are the most popular Apex Legends characters in Season 16 and where do they fit in with the current pick rates? Here’s everything we know.

Apex Legends pick rates Season 16

Here are the Apex Legends pick rates for Season 16 based on API data (updated on February 17, 2023):

Character Pick rate
Wraith 11.7%
Octane 10.9%
Pathfinder 10.6%
Bloodhound 7.8%
Bangalore 6.1%
Horizon 5.4%
Lifeline 5.1%
Valkyrie 4.6%
Loba 4.5%
Mirage 3.9%
Fuse 3.3%
Ash 3.1%
Seer 2.9%
Vantage 2.5%
Mad Maggie 2.5%
Crypto 2.4%
Wattson 2.3%
Caustic 2.2%
Revenant 2.1%
Catalyst 1.8%
Gibraltar 1.6%
Rampart 1.6%
Newcastle 1.4%

As you can see from the data above, Wraith is currently the most popular Apex Legends character, although Octane comes in as a close second.

The Apex Legends pick rates certainly paint an interesting picture for the battle royale’s meta, but it’s always evolving – keeping players on their toes.

Hopefully this information will help you climb the Apex Legends ranks with a winning composition that’ll have your enemies shaking in their boots.