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Don’t worry, AEW Fight Forever’s gore will bring the smackdown

AEW Fight Forever is aiming to upstage the might of competitor WWE 2K23 for PS5 and Xbox players, as the devs promise plenty of blood and sweat in the arena.

AEW Fight Forever gameplay blood confirmed: an image of Kenny Omega from the wrestling game

There’s a new scent emanating from the ring, and it isn’t whatever The Rock is cooking in WWE 2K23. No, developer Yuke’s and former WWE publisher THQ Nordic are whipping up something a bit more gnarly – and infused with blood, sweat, and tears. Following the release of the first AEW Fight Forever trailer, fans are concerned that the game may be skimping out on the grittier side of wrestling. However, Yuke’s is already putting those AEW Fight Forever woes to bed. It isn’t going to be one of the best games of all time, but it might be one of the bloodiest.

Joining the likes of upcoming PS5 games for this mighty year of 2023, the AEW Fight Forever release won’t disappoint players looking for a bombastic edge to their wrestling career. According to developer Yuke’s via its official Twitter page, worries about the game’s age rating are easily dispelled: “We’ve heard that any of you were worried that the blood was removed from AEW Fight Forever. We’ll let these new screenshots speak for themselves.”

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Attached with Yuke’s’ claims to gore glory are two images from the forthcoming PS5 and Xbox fighting game, depicting two exceptionally bloody scenarios within the ring. While the amount of blood isn’t quite up to the absurdity of the Evil Dead game, you’ll definitely get a kick out of putting all the AEW Fight Forever wrestlers through the ringer. Just be kind to the referee, please.

Coming from ex-WWE franchise publisher THQ Nordic, AEW Fight Forever is notable for being the debut title on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S consoles for the All Elite Wrestling promotion. AEW is considered to be the second most popular wrestling promotion in the United States, operating since January 2019. Before the arrival of AEW Fight Forever, the promotion has dabbled in the gaming arena with titles such as AEW Casino: Double or Nothing and AEW: Elite General Manager – both releasing for iOS and Android platforms.

Notable wrestlers appearing in the game include CM Punk, Jade Cargill, D.M.D, and Sting. We don’t mean that Sting, though some fans might be driven to tears by that omission.