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A Plague Tale Requiem new game plus mode explained

This article will cover everything you need to know about the A Plague Tale Requiem new game plus mode and how it works with your upgrades and gear

A Plague Tale Requiem New Game Plus: Amicia and Sophia can be seen on the ship

A Plague Tale Requiem is a pretty big game, especially when compared to the last game. But, with a lot more to do, collect, and find, you may end up missing a lot in the game. But thankfully A Plague Tale Requiem’s new game plus makes going back a lot easier.

By going back you can get all the collectibles in the full chapter list in the game, or just try and earn all the skills in the three skill trees in the game. The heartwrenching journey Hugo and Amicia go on isn’t enough just once as you can’t do everything in one playthrough. Therefore, you will need to use new game plus to go through at least a second time.

So, to find out more about how new game plus in A Plague Tale Requiem works, read on below.

How does A Plague Tale Requiem’s new game plus mode work

A Plague Tale Requiem does have a new game plus mode which is unlocked after you beat the game. The new game plus mode allows you to bring all your Codex items and collectibles, upgrades and skills with you from your previous playthrough into a new one.

New Game Plus is extremely beneficial as it means you don’t have to try and cram finding all of the Hugo’s Collection collectibles locations in one game or all the Souvenir locations in one run-through. New game plus is also required to get all of the skills, upgrades, and items in the game, so if you are a person who likes to 100% games, it is a requirement to play in this mode.

While New game plus is useful, to get you through A Plague Tale Requiem you will need to make the most of all your resources and really grab the skills and upgrades that fit your playstyle. To help you out on Amicia and Hugo’s journey, you can check out our guides on the best skills in A Plague Tale Requiem and the best upgrades for your gear and weapons in our A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough.