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A Plague Tale Requiem best upgrades for your weapons, tools

Get an overview of the A Plague Tale Requiem best upgrades for your weapons, tools, and inventory, so Amicia can be the strongest possible in the game

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Upgrades: Amicia can be seen overlooking a large river

A Plague Tale Requiem is full of items for you to collect and gear to upgrade. But, with five different categories of weapon and gear upgrades, it can be tricky to decipher what upgrades you should actually spend your resources on. But, instead of having to spend time looking and figuring out what to upgrade, you can check out some of our recommendations for the best upgrades in A Plague Tale Requiem below.

From crossbow upgrades to enhancements to your gear and alchemy, the list below contains at least one upgrade for each category so you should find something that suits your playstyle.

Check out the list of A Plague Tale Requiem’s best upgrades for your weapons and tools below.

What are the best upgrades in A Plague Tale Requiem?

There are eight best upgrades to unlock and craft in A Plague Tale Requiem. These are:

  • Softened Cords – best Sling upgrade
  • Double Cradle – best Sling upgrade
  • Flexible Limb – best Crossbow upgrade
  • Reinforced Bolts – best Crossbow upgrade
  • Strong Fire – best Alchemy upgrade
  • Bottomless Bag – best Gear upgrade
  • Traveller Tools – best Instruments upgrade
  • Unbreakable Tool – best Instrument upgrade

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Upgrades: Amicia can be seen crouching

Softened Cords

Our first best upgrade on this list is Softened Cords which helps you out in stealth by lowering the sound your Sling makes when it is used. You will most likely have found that the sling’s noise makes soldiers aware of your position. This upgrade removes that downside of using the weapon and means you can stealthily pick off enemies no matter if there are any others right next to you.

Double Cradle

Double Cradle rivals Reinforced Bolts as one of the best upgrades on this list. Allowing Amicia to shoot her sling two times before reloading, this upgrade is incredibly important once you get past the first few chapters, as you will start coming across more groups of enemies that can attack you in units.

Flexible Limb

Flexible Limb is our next best upgrade choice in A Plague Tale Requiem. This crossbow upgrade allows Amicia to reload the weapon faster, which is a nice bonus as reloading the weapon by default is painfully sluggish.

Reinforced Bolts

Reinforced Bolts is arguably the strongest upgrade on this list, allowing you to pick up crossbow bolts you fire. This means that finding crossbow bolts is nowhere near as tricky as you can reuse the ones you have already picked up. Crossbow bolts are far more powerful than your sling and should really be your go-to weapon in the latter half of the game.

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Upgrades: Amicia can be seen firing her crossbow bolt

Strong Fire

Strong Fire is our only Alchemy upgrade on this list and the reason behind that is that it is easily the most important. Combining an Ignifer and Pot creates a large firey circle that can kill enemies in large numbers. It is great at wiping out bunched-up groups of soldiers later in the game.

Bottomless Bag

Amicia is able to carry additional alchemical resources thanks to the upgrade and having it is a net positive with no downside. Simply being able to hold more crafting materials means that you are not leaving materials behind in the world.

Traveller Tools

Traveller Tools is our next upgrade and it allows Amicia to craft upgrades for equipment without needing a workbench, which is always useful, especially as some workbenches can easily be missed or are spread out quite far. This work in tandem with the final best upgrade choice as well.

Unbreakable Tool

Unbreakable Tool is our final upgrade choice and it allows Amicia to upgrade her equipment without needing Tools in her inventory. This means that you aren’t restricted on when you can upgrade your gear, which is super handy and will generally mean you can upgrade your gear more.

With these best upgrades in A Plague Tale Requiem, you should be able to stock Amicia up on ammo and resources and boost her ability to survive in combat. But to get some of them, you will need to find all the workbench locations, so be sure to check out our guide covering where they all are and more in our A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough.