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A Plague Tale Requiem best skills

Despite a limited selection, the best skills in A Plague Tale Requiem stand out from the rest and either boost your combat, crafting, or stealth options

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Skills: Amicia can be see aiming her crossbow

A Plague Tale Requiem‘s skill tree system is a bit unorthodox in that you can’t pick and choose what you want to grab. Instead, you have to level up each of the three trees’ bars to get a new skill once you reach a threshold. Given that you can’t actually unlock all the skills in one playthrough it is key to know what the best skills in A Plague Tale Requiem are so you know how you should play. Below, you can find six suggestions for the skills you should really get as soon as you can.

What are the A Plague Tale Requiem best skills?

The six best skills in A Plague Tale Requiem are:

  • Light Footstep – best Prudence skill
  • Nimbleness – best Prudence skill
  • Recovery – best Aggressive skill
  • Quick Fingers – best Aggressive skill
  • Alchemy Knowledge – best Opportunism skill
  • Pure Product – best Opportunism skill

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Skills: Amicia can be seen sneaking through the grass

Light Footstep

First up we have Light Footstep, which is a pretty simple skill, but incredibly valuable. This lowers the noise Amicia makes when running, walking and crouching. By having this skill you can then stealth around combat arenas a lot quicker and avoid combat when you don’t necessarily have the resources to be able to engage in it.


Nimbleness is one of the most important skills you can get, so early in the game try to skip past as many enemies as possible without killing them. This will allow you to level up the bar and earn and unlock the skill. Then, later on, you will be able to sneak past enemies quicker and avoid threats a lot easier.


Recovery is our next skill choice, which will help you out during those moments when you get ambushed. This skill allows Amicia to recover much faster after being knocked down (which is something that will happen a lot). With this skill, you can then escape easier or land a counter hit to leave the soldier or enemy stunned.

A Plague Tale Requiem Best Skills: Amicia can be seen firing her crossbow

Quick Fingers

Quick Fingers is the best option in the Aggressive tree, purely because it allows you to reload significantly faster. Amicia doesn’t have speedy fingers initially and reloads are painfully slow, especially with her crossbow, so this upgrade is a great addition that can enhance your capability in combat in the latter half of the game.

Alchemy Knowledge

As with a lot of these skills in the three skill trees in A Plague Tale Requiem, this skill isn’t a huge boost to your power or abilities. But, being able to craft ammo faster is a nice bonus as it can really help you out during tight moments with a lot of enemies. It can allow you to do more crafting, and get more Ignifier to light fires or Odoris to put them out.

Pure Product

Pure Product is a great final skill on this list. While its bonus isn’t massive, getting one extra alchemical ammo with each one you craft is nice to have and should be a huge help on higher difficulties or new game plus.

With these best skills in A Plague Tale Requiem, you should be able to set yourself up to get through the chapter list in the game and also beat A Plague Tale Requiem, with a great set of abilities that can really help you out. The game really expands some of its combat encounters with larger areas, more rats, and more enemies, so these skills should help you out massively alongside our other tips in our A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough.