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How to earn and unlock skills in A Plague Tale Requiem

If you want to know how to earn and unlock skills in A Plague Tale Requiem, then this article will take you through what you need to do

A Plague Tale Requiem Earn Unlock Skills: Amicia can be seen looking at something off screen

How to earn and unlock skills in A Plague Tale Requiem

In A Plague Tale Requiem, you can earn and unlock skills by engaging in the playstyle each skill tree is related to. Therefore, key ways you can earn experience towards the skills are:

  • Earn and unlock Prudence skills: sneak past enemies up close, leave enemies unharmed, and use distractions to lure enemies away
  • Earn and unlock Aggressive skills: kill enemies and use the crossbow and sling
  • Earn and unlock Opportunism skills: kill enemies using the rats, utilise Ignifer to kill enemies, extinguish flames to cause enemies to be killed by the rats

Prudence skills are by far the hardest to earn and require the most from you as a player. You need to be exceptional at stealth, sneaking past enemies and carefully ensuring not to kill them either with your weapons or the rats. If you leave enemies alive and don’t kill when you don’t have to you will receive huge chunks of experience in this tree after passing through doors.

Then, the Aggressive skills are the opposite. They are some of the easiest to earn as all you have to do is kill enemies in open combat. But, one downside to earning these skills is they will suck up your crossbow resources, as well as your alchemical ammo. But, large chunks of experience for this tree can be obtained by taking down easy enemies.

Finally, Opportunism skills are likely the skill bar that will fill up the quickest if you play A Plague Tale Requiem in the way the developers mostly guide you down. This is focused on using your alchemical ammo to kill enemies or the rats to kill enemies, either through extinguishing flames, luring rats, pushing enemies into rats, and more.

As you can see earning and unlocking skills in A Plague Tale Requiem is a bit more complicated than just your regular skill tree in most other games. But, this unique method of unlocking them does allow the game to be more flexible and ensure you aren’t overpowered by the end of the game. You can read more about what we thought of that more flexible combat in our A Plague Tale Requiem review.