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A Plague Tale Requiem gameplay is still stealth-focused says Asobo

New A Plague Tale Requiem gameplay has revealed that the game is still stealth-focused, although animations have been polished greatly compared to the original

A Plague Tale Requiem Gameplay Stealth Focus: Amicia can be seen hunting a soldier.

A Plague Tale Requiem was shown as one of this year’s Triebca Games Spotlight choices at Summer Games Fest. And, while we didn’t get a deep new look at the game, we did see some story scenes that showcase how Hugo and Amicia have grown since the first game in 2019. And, the gameplay is still going to be stealth-focused despite Hugo and Amicia being both slightly older here than they were in A Plague Tale Innocence.

The game does have polished-up animations for the more action-focused combat and stealth kills, but Asobo has said in the Tribeca Showcase that the game is still hooked on the need to survive. But, that action will serve the narrative core of Amicia, her relation to the violence she has had to endure and her relation to the world around her.

Overall, the game is looking significantly better than the original with huge visual upgrades and increased fidelity on Amicia and Hugo and the environments they are exploring.

We should hopefully see more of the game at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday, with the game hitting Game Pass. We may even get an A Plague Tale Requiem release date. But, for now you can check out the section from the Tribeca Games Showcase:

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