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The perfect blend of Tony Hawk and Max Payne comes to Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass November 2023 roster is adding one of the best shooters around, as Rollerdrome is poised to arrive on Game Pass soon.

Rollerdrome Xbox Game Pass December 2023

Xbox Game Pass is set to add more of the best Xbox titles around this month, as Microsoft prepares to bolster November’s offerings over the next few weeks. That includes the arrival of an excellent shooter from last year, which may have slipped under your radar. Rollerdrome is coming to Xbox Game Pass, and you’ll need to step up your skills, as surviving isn’t a walk in the park.

Microsoft announces in the latest Xbox Game Pass blog post that players can get access to a new array of the best Xbox games around: “We’re sprinkling some games to your backlog. A fiber of 4X, a soupçon of sports, a taste of tactics. And while you’re downloading or pre-installing these games, a quick shout out to all our amazing partners who have been nominated for this year’s The Game Awards.” Notably, Rollerdrome is arriving on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Our Rollerdrome review at the time of release notes that it is “one of the most intoxicating and satisfying gameplay loops in recent memory […] there’s no ignoring how good it feels to shoot, flip, and grind through each level.” In fact, Rollerdrome went down so well with our team that we included it in The Loadout’s Game of The Year 2022 nominees.

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Developed by Roll7, Rollerdrome takes place in a dystopian future where athletes compete in a televised series of explosive battles, all while pulling off gnarly tricks and flips along the way. Think it of like Max Payne and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater merging into a glorious, cel-shaded melting pot of bombastic goodness. Tricking feels satisfying and easy to get to grips with at first, but combined with the dizzying array of combat choices you can make, it can all get overwhelming fast.

But Rollerdrome never punishes you unfairly, instead spurring you on to get back out there and deliver the hurt to RPG-toting goons scattered around the arena. We also love how Roll7 takes clear influence from movies like Rollerball, The Running Man, and even the first Mad Max entry too. It’d be awesome if some skins were added to the game taking influence from these movies, because who doesn’t want to rock leather like Max Rockatansky. More importantly, Rollerdrome’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass is also the game’s debut on Xbox Series X|S, following a limited-time exclusivity window on PS5 and PC.

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It is definitely one of the best Xbox Game Pass games you’ll get to play this year, and in lieu of a brand-new Tony Hawk game, it scratches our itch to pull off 360 Pretzel Grabs or a cheeky Backbreaker. As always, Xbox Game Pass remains a great service to sample new Xbox games, so don’t forget to get Rollerdrome downloaded later this month.