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Prepare for Furiosa with the superb Mad Max game on Xbox for just $5

Prepare for Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa by buying the awesome Mad Max game in the Xbox Spring Sale right now, and it'll cost less than $10.

We’re just weeks away from a brand-new Mad Max movie, as George Miller’s Furiosa is poised for the big screen. But before Anya Taylor-Joy cause mayhem in the wasteland, you can prepare by playing the excellent Mad Max game, which has a major discount in the Xbox Spring Sale. In fact, it’ll cost you less than a movie ticket.

If you’ve been looking for a new Xbox game to add to your library, then look no further than Mad Max. While we find it hard to believe that you might not already have it, the good news is that Avalanche Studios’ excellent 2015 action RPG game is available for just $4.99/£2.99 right now. The heavy discount is part of the current Xbox Spring Sale, but you don’t have long to take advantage of this ridiculously cheap offer.

You don’t have weeks or days to snag Mad Max this cheap, you’ve only got one day, according to the game’s Xbox Storefront page. While it might be nearly a decade old, the game’s Xbox exclusive upgrades make it worth picking over up its PlayStation 4 counterpart. That’s because Mad Max is blessed with FPS boost and a gnarly 4K resolution bump on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

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It is one of the limited titles on Xbox that is adorned with such features, as Microsoft halted its backwards compatibility improvement efforts back in 2021. Set a few years before the events of Mad Max Fury Road, the game blends fiery vehicular combat, crunchy melee fights, and exploration into a faithful depiction of George Miller’s apocalyptic wasteland. As Mad Max comes from the same studio behind the Just Cause franchise, some of the best open world games ever, you can rest assured that there is action around sand dune.

The premise of the game itself is definitely cut from the same cloth as the Just Cause games, purely for how simple and lean it is: build a powerful car, get revenge, steal back your awesome car. Of course, there are plenty of nods to the movies along the way. However, what makes Mad Max unique is that the upcoming spin-off movie Furiosa will acknowledge the game, specifically with the location Gas Town. It is also rumored to make mention of Chumbucket, Max’s oddball mechanic companion in the game.

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For less than the price of your popcorn, this is a massive steal for one of the best Xbox games available. And while you’re adding it to your basket, don’t forget to add this Xbox gem too.