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This viral COD-meets-Toy Story co-op shooter hits Xbox this month

Hypercharge is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One soon, but there's no word yet on if this unique shooter is destined for Game Pass.

Hypercharge Xbox: a split image showing a white xbox logo on a green background and a n action figure striking a pose

If the name Hypercharge: Unboxed doesn’t immediately ring a bell, we’re sure you’ll have seen at least one viral clip from this new first and third-person shooter. It’s the one that lets you take control of miniature action figures and battle it out in bedrooms, toy stores, and back gardens with gameplay reminiscent of Call of Duty and Halo. Yes, that one – you remember it now. Well, it’s just been revealed that the Hypercharge Xbox release date will arrive later this month on Friday, May 31, and we couldn’t be more excited.

While The Finals continues to be the best FPS game we’re playing here at The Loadout right now, we’ve been pretty pumped for Hypercharge to arrive to give Embark’s destructive shooter a run for its money. In the same way that Palworld is Pokémon with guns, Hypercharge is definitely Toy Story with guns. If you ever played some of the old school Toy Story games (nostalgic footage can be found below), it gives that same energy – just with more sniper rifles and grenade launchers this time around…

As well as eight-player PvP, Hypercharge is a co-op game that lets up to four players enjoy wave-based PvE combat, and there’s even a story mode too. It’s also great to see there’s local split-screen if you want to play with family members or nearby pals – a feature that seems to be increasingly hard to find in newly-released shooters these days.

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A brand new trailer has also dropped for Hypercharge to coincide with the Xbox release date announcement. It features some chaotic gameplay, footage of the in-depth customization options you get for the game’s various action figure heroes, and even kicks off with its own 90’s-style intro to a mock cartoon series – Max Ammo and the Defence Corps. Immaculate vibes.

As things stand, Hypercharge is going to launch as an Xbox exclusive when it comes to Series X|S and One consoles – there’s currently no mention of a PlayStation launch. We did also anticipate that it would be joining the library of Xbox Game Pass games, however the Game Pass logo doesn’t appear at the end of the trailer and press releases for the game don’t mention the service either.

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Developer Digital Cybercherries did seemingly gauge interest in bringing Hypercharge to Game Pass all the way back in 2022, but it seems for now at least it’ll be launching as a paid purchase only. It’s currently up for pre-order on the Microsoft Store.

So, we’re getting our hands on a brand-new shooter this month. Exciting times. If only an announcement of the XDefiant release date could also drop to give us an even bigger FPS feast…

In other Xbox news, the first batch of new Game Pass games for May has been revealed, and while it’s a small lineup, it’s a particularly good one for cat lovers. Be sure to give us a follow on Google News to keep up to date on everything going on in Xbox land.