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Xbox Game Pass adds $480 worth of games in January 2022

Here's the total value of all the games that were added and removed from Xbox Game Pass this month

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You may remember that towards the end of last year, we dusted off our calculators to work out the total value of all the games that were added to Game Pass over the course of 2021. With January 2022 being such a bumper month for the service on its own, we’ve decided to dive into the numbers again to give you a breakdown of all the comings and goings, including how much value was added and taken away from the service in January.

Well, after some number crunching, we’ve found that the value of the 16 new titles added to Game Pass this month totals $488.84 (just over £360). This was worked out from the price of each game on the Microsoft US Store on the day they were added to Game Pass.

The biggest contributor to that juicy number was of course the Hitman Trilogy – a collection of the three latest Hitman games in one excellent package – which would set you back $99.99 if you didn’t own Game Pass.

The $488 does not include the $39.99 Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition, which was already an existing Game Pass title for console players but was also added to PC Game Pass this month. We decided to leave Siege out of our calculations as it was not a completely new title that was being added, but hey, if you’re a PC Game Pass subscriber, it looks like you actually got over $500 of new games this month. Nice.

Of all the games added in January, six of them were day one releases. They were Rainbow Six Extraction, The Anacrusis (albeit, in its rather unpolished early access state), Nobody Saves the World, Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master!, Windjammers 2, and Pupperazzi.

However, where the good lord Spencer giveth, he also taketh. Several games, including Desperado 3, Pandemic, and Kingdom Hearts 3, left the service. The total value of all the departures was $289.90. This excludes PUBG: Battlegrounds, which was removed from Game Pass but only because it pivoted to a free-to-play model.

So, if we take both the additions and departures into consideration, the overall value of Game Pass rose by a net gain of $198.94 this month.

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Alongside casually making the biggest gaming acquisition of all time, it’s clear Microsoft wanted to start 2022 off with a bang when it comes to its popular subscription service – especially considering recent reports of Sony creating a Game Pass rival for PlayStation players.