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Pawfully cute Little Kitty, Big City claws onto Xbox Game Pass today

Little Kitty, Big City could become one of the best Xbox games out there, not least because it’s a game about a tiny cat doing tiny cat things.

Xbox Game Pass Little Kitty, Big City release day: a cute black cat with a bunny hat, next to the Game Pass logo

Though things are looking more than a bit hairy for Microsoft at the minute, its savior is finally arriving on Xbox Game Pass. Today, May 9, the cat is being let out of the bag as Little Kitty, Big City lands on the Xbox subscription service.

Having been announced as a day one addition to the list of Xbox Game Pass games last month, Little Kitty, Big City looks to be the breath of fresh air we collectively need to take among the latest round of Xbox studio closures. Though it’s too early to tell if it deserves a spot in our prestigious best Game Pass games guide, I’m not-so-quietly confident it’ll make the cut.

Little Kitty, Big City follows an adorable ball of fur as it attempts to find its way home. Set in metropolitan Japan, the open-world game will give you a taste of suburban life, with fish to find, hats to collect, and various animals to help as you scratch off your to-do list. The feline chaos factor is also very much on full display here, as you innocuously wreak havoc on pretty much everything in your path. The good news is that you have cute privilege, so the locals can’t be too mad with you pawing paint all over their stuff.

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Most importantly, there’s a meow button, making for the easiest Game of the Year nod since Stray kneaded biscuits on my heart.

So far, the critic reviews are trending positive, with plenty of sevens and eights out of ten flying about. ScreenRant for example says it’s “one of the best cat simulators ever,” which, if I’m being totally unbiased, is more than enough for me. From what I’ve seen, the biggest gripe reviewers have had revolves around fiddly platforming which could set off the odd short, furry fuse here and there. That’s not going to stop me jumping in at the earliest possible convenience though.

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