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Xbox Game Pass gets a double dose of day-one goodness today

Fire up your Xbox as Game Pass members can play Hauntii and Galacticare right now, giving you a slice of indie fun and sci-fi laughs.

Xbox Game Pass Hauntii Galacticare: An image of two doctors smiling in Galcticare.

The novelty of getting brand-new Xbox titles on launch day never grows old, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers are in for a treat today. That’s because Microsoft’s subscription service is welcoming two new arrivals, as Hauntii and Galacticare join the absolutely massive roster of games fresh out the box. 

While we’re often stomping out the competition in some of the best FPS games like The Finals, settling down with a laid back simulation game is always a blast. If you’re a fan of genre staples like Two Point Hospital, Hospital Tycoon, or even the 1997 classic Theme Hospital (remember that?), then Galacticare is worth giving a spin. Instead of caring for us mere mortal humans, Galacticare tasks you with tending to all manner of interstellar species, all while ensuring your space hospital runs smoothly behind the scenes.

The space game’s story mode will see you become a guardian of the galaxy, of sorts, as you cure numerous ailments in return for profit, blueprints, and resources to turn your hospital into a health institution unlike any other. It won’t be easy, of course, but things going wrong is all part of the charm. If trying to save the galaxy, literally, proves too hectic for you, then don’t worry – there’s a sandbox mode too. Like many of the best simulation games, you’ll be letting your imagination run wild here, designing the hospital of your dreams.

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For those of you looking for a different slice of indie goodness, additional new Xbox Game pass game Hauntti could be what you’re looking for. Blessed with a tapestry of gorgeous art direction and a stirring soundtrack, this otherworldly adventure blends together open world game elements, puzzles, and twin-stick shooter combat, and the results are delightful. You’ll be exploring dark and mysterious realms, each of them seamlessly weaving into another.

Don’t spend too long exploring, though, as creepy forces can eventually swallow you whole. The game’s story unfolds organically through exploration, and its rendition of the afterlife will leave you thinking about its stunning line-art animation long after you put your controller down.

Hauntii and Galacticare are both available right now on Xbox Game Pass, alongside a gargantuan lineup of the best Xbox Game Pass games available like Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, and much more.

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