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Game Pass day-one Wo Long Fallen Dynasty gets an epic new trailer

A new Wo Long Fallen Dynasty trailer has dropped, revealing more about the game's story ahead of its launch on consoles, PC, and Game Pass

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty trailer: An old, white-bearded man with his arm outstretched

PC and Xbox Game Pass is getting some excellent day-one launches this year from both first and third-party studios. One that’s arriving fairly soon, alongside a release on PlayStation consoles as well, is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and those excited for Team Ninja’s upcoming action RPG have just been treated to a brand new story trailer.

In the snippets of cutscenes and brief gameplay footage that makes up this new trailer, some new light is shone on the game’s story. However, it also continues to keep a lot of plot points and characters vague and opens up some new questions ahead of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty release date in around six weeks time.

According to a press release, the trailer introduces us to some new warriors from Chinese history that you’ll encounter on your journey: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian.

One is a creepy looking chap who appears to potentially be the main antagonist, and he looks to convince the main characters to “forge the Ultimate Elixir” and join him in immortality. Sounds like real bad news to us. The trailer also speaks of a “forbidden power” and sees one character ask: “The chaos – is it all his fault?” Yep, definitely bad news.

We also see this supposed villain flying about on the top of a dragon, which looks to be similar – if not the same – freaky-looking beast that features on Wo Long’s cover art.

The trailer also talks of something called Demonic Qi – qi being the Chinese word for the life force within living things. This appears to be that overarching evil power that’s causing all the demonic beasts and chaos in the game. We also see near the end of the trailer another of these warriors becoming overcome with a powerful force, most likely this Demonic Qi stuff.

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“The power to control this world lies in none other than this resplendent crimson glow,” says the person glowing in resplendent crimson.

The trailer ends with a brief glimpse at yet another massive and very ugly demonic beast that you’ll probably be facing in a boss battle. We’ve seen a fair few of these monsters appear in past trailers, but this one looks to be on another scale.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is one of the most intriguing upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games. Plus, with that day-one Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Game Pass addition, it’ll be fairly accessible for a lot of people to hop in and try.