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Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass

Prepare yourself for a brand new adventure from Team Ninja, but will Wo Long Fallen Dynasty come to Xbox Game Pass for existing subscribers?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Game Pass: The player can be seen attacking an enemy

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is almost here and it is set to bring Team Ninja’s beloved action to Game Pass. But will Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass?

Before the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty release date comes up, many Xbox or PC players, like yourself, will be wondering whether Team Ninja’s upcoming game will appear on the full Xbox Game Pass list. Fortunately for you, we know the answer to that exact question.

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass

Yes, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is available on Xbox Game Pass. 

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty was revealed during the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022, announcing that it would arrive in 2023, and be available day one on Xbox Game Pass. You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below.

YouTube Thumbnail

We’re sure many people will be happy to see that Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is on Game Pass. It won’t be a short game either, as it’s been revealed that Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s length is said to be around 40 hours. If you simply can’t wait though for Team Ninja’s new IP, check out the best Xbox RPG games right now.