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Is Wild Hearts open world?

If you're hoping to watch and hunt wild Kemono in their natural habitats, you may be wondering whether Wild Hearts is open world or not.

Is Wild Hearts open world: Kingtusk under a cherry blossom tree in Wild Hearts

There’s plenty of monsters, or Kemono, to find and hunt in Wild Hearts, but is Wild Hearts open world? The idea of finding your prey in your own way, alongside using your Karakuri to create a strategy is pretty exciting.

There’s a large variety of Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono, each nature-infused and with the ability to change the environment around them at will. Fortunately, there are plenty of Wild Hearts weapons to help you out. But if you’re wondering whether you can explore Azuma at your own pace, you can find out more below.

Is Wild Hearts open world?

Wild Hearts is semi-open world, allowing you to explore different regions of Azuma at your own pace. However, you need to fast travel to the other regions.

You can activate and go on each hunt for any Kemono at any point in the map screen, or simply travel to the main camp for each region to go on ‘free hunts’, which are basically exploring the open area and hunting using the Wild Hearts best weapons however you please.

While it isn’t a true open world, it definitely has enough freedom to feel like one. And each of the regions are fairly large. You could spend upwards of a few hours in each region just exploring and hunting at your own pace.

Now that you know Wild Hearts is, kind of, open world, you can choose to buy the game or experience it with the Wild Hearts demo. You should convince your friends too, since Wild Hearts multiplayer co-op and Wild Hearts crossplay are available.