New RPG Wayfinder revealed, with early access on PC and PS5

Wayfinder, a free-to-play fantasy RPG from Airship Syndicate, has been revealed at The Game Awards, with playtests and early access coming soon

Wayfinder: Three characters from new RPG Wayfinder

December 9, 2022 After a misinterpretation, we have now corrected this article, which previously said that other platforms outside of PC and PlayStation were confirmed. While there will be “multiple platforms” at launch, Digital Extremes is yet to confirm these.

Among the sea of other announcements at The Game Awards 2022 is the full reveal of Wayfinder, a new fantasy RPG developed by the team behind Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Publisher Digital Extremes, the creators of Warframe, had teased earlier this year that it was releasing an Airship Syndicate-developed RPG soon, and now we know that Wayfinder is the name of that project. With a roster of characters to choose from – whose designs wouldn’t look out of place in a hero shooter like Overwatch or Valorant – and dungeon-based gameplay, it will release on both PC and consoles in Fall 2023, and it’ll be free-to-play.

However, you’ll be able to have a go with Wayfinder much sooner than that. From December 13, a group of accepted players will be able to take part in a PC early access playtest, which will provide lots of feedback for Airship Syndicate. You can sign-up here. Then, in January 2023, a console playtest will also take place, but this will be exclusively on PS5.

Following those playtests, the game’s official early access period (billed to launch in Spring 2023) will be available for PC and PS5 players.

While there appears to be some pre-release PlayStation exclusivity, the game will come to “multiple platforms” when the Wayfinder release date comes around. While we had previously reported that this would include Xbox consoles, Switch, and mobile platforms after reaching out for comment, we have now learned that exact launch platforms are to be confirmed.

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With The Game Awards dishing out so many exciting reveals, including Wayfinder, our list of upcoming PS5 games – and potentially our list of upcoming Xbox Series X games – just got a whole lot spicier.