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Valorant update 5.08 welcomes Harbor and fixes Pearl bug

The Valorant update 5.08 patch notes have been released, and there are several bug fixes arriving alongside Episode 5 Act 3's new content

Valorant update 5.08 patch notes: A close up of Harbor looking at an assault rifle he's holding

The patch notes for Valorant update 5.08 have been revealed, and alongside all the new battle pass and agent Harbor dropping for Episode 5 Act 3, there are some bug fixes to be aware of too.

The biggest involves fixing up a dodgy sight line on the map Pearl. When you first drop into Pearl following update 5.08, you’ll see a slight difference in the sight line between A Main and A Link.

There are a couple of important bug fixes to agents’ abilities too. There is an overarching fix to an issue where friendly area of effect abilities could cancel out the same abilities used by the enemy team, causing them to deal less damage. For Viper mains, there is some good news too – Riot has fixed a bug that caused her Toxic Wall to have some gaps in it.

There are some other smaller bug fixes too included in update 5.08, and you can see the full list in our Valorant patch notes guide.

Of course, it’s not just new content and bug fixes that come around with the start of a new Act – your Valorant ranks will be getting a reset as well.

To learn more about the new agent dropping with this update, check out all the info on Valorant Harbor abilities here, and go and gaze at the glistening new weapon cosmetics in our list of Valorant skins.