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Riot dials down Lotus doors volume in Valorant patch 6.01 update

Valorant's Lotus map has been causing a bit of a ruckus, but now Riot Games has dialled down the doors in the Valorant patch 6.01 notes

Valorant patch 6.01 update Lotus doors: Killjoy

The Valorant patch 6.01 update notes have finally dropped. And while developer Riot Games isn’t changing much so soon after the start of the new Episode, there are a couple of notable tweaks coming to the competitive FPS game, including a much needed nerf to the volume of Lotus’ rotating doors.

The latest addition to the Valorant maps, Lotus has received a generally warm welcome from the community. However, there has been one glaring complaint leveraged against it – the rotating doors located between A Tree and A Rubble, and B Main and C Main are just a teensy bit too chuffing loud.

Fortunately, Riot has heard your pleas, and will be dialling down the foghorn-esque doors in the new patch. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for it, considering that Lotus will now be enabled in Unrated and Competitive queues.

Alongside the volume change, a number of pesky Lotus bugs have been fixed, including a boost exploit at the back of B Site, the Spike getting lost in the back of A Site, and players getting stuck in the rotating doors – though Riot does note that it’s only “pretty sure” on the latter, and are calling on players to let it know if they get trapped going forward.

You can check out the full Valorant patch notes for all you need to know on the upcoming version.