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Valorant patch 5.05 fixes bizarre bug that let you report yourself

The Valorant patch notes for update 5.05 are here, and while there are no major gameplay changes to report, there are some bug fixes to look out for

Valorant : Chamber and Jett stand back to back in front of a red and blue background

Valorant update 5.05 has arrived, and although there are no massive gameplay changes while we’re in the throes of Valorant Champions in Istanbul, there are plenty of bug fixes to make your time in the competitive FPS game a little easier.

Arguably the most hilarious of the bunch is a fix for a bug that was letting players report themselves. Unless you’re brutally honest and want to punish yourself for maybe flaming your insta-lock Reyna a little too hard, the ability to self-report is something that’s bound to cause chaos, confusion, and unwanted account bans and suspensions. Riot has now stamped out this bug, so you can now rest easy next time you hop on to grind your way up the Valorant ranks.

There’s also a fix for another report-based bug, which was preventing players from reporting bad actors on the server if a match had gone on for longer than 30 minutes.

The majority of other fixes look to rectify issues with the games party and invite systems.

You can find a full list of the bug fixes in update 5.05 in our Valorant patch notes guide.

This is one of the smallest Valorant patches we’ve seen in a while, but once Valorant Champions wraps up, we can maybe expect some more significant updates to be pushed out.