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Valorant patch 4.10 notes reveal an Omen facelift

Valorant patch 4.10 notes have arrived, and while it isn't the biggest Valorant update ever, there are some noteworthy changes to Haven, Omen, and more

Valorant patch 4.10 note - Valorant agent Omen standing in front of the Valorant logo

Valorant patch 4.10 notes are here, and while it isn’t the biggest update to grace the tactical FPS game, there are a few changes you should get a heads up on.

First up, there are agent changes coming for Reyna, Cypher, Breach, Fade, Jett, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, Skye, and Yoru. Don’t panic, there are no buffs or nerfs coming – Riot is simply making the location and size of the progress/ charge bars consistent on your UI. Had you worried there, didn’t we? There’s also a separate tweak for Omen, who gets an update to his character model to “increase detail and fidelity”.

Haven has also had a once over in Valorant patch 4.10, with a couple of tweaks around A site and C site. Riot has “removed some pixel collisions” around these sites, meaning you can no longer walk up the front of A’s cover or jump onto the C site cover (unless you’ve got a boost ability, such as Jett’s Updraft).

For those of you that like to whiff your 1v1s, you’ll also now be getting your own performance graph to diagnose how bad your aim really is. A new Shooting Error graph will give you a breakdown of recent engagements.

There are also several bug fixes and and gameplay consistency updates, and you can find the exact details of those in the full Valorant patch notes.

It’s not a meta-changer, but there are a few sneaky changes in here (especially those Haven tweaks) to take note of for your next Valorant ranked match.