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Valorant patch 4.11 notes include a new Clutch Mute feature

Riot Games has released the Valorant patch 4.11 notes, which are packed with bug fixes and a brand new feature that lets you mute your team when clutching up

Valorant patch 4.11 notes: Jett and Chamber stand back to back

Valorant players will be in for a potentially pleasant surprise when looking at the newly released Valorant patch 4.11 notes. Riot Games is adding in a new Clutch Mute feature, which will let you silence your teammates’ comms in those tense, end-of-round scenarios.

While some thrive off of the energy of your teammates egging you on while trying to clutch up in an FPS game, or value the bits of information they can sometimes provide you, having to listen to your team during a clutch can be distracting, unhelpful, or sometimes straight up toxic. ‘Clutch or kick’, spring to mind? This new option will let you “mass mute your teammates and/or party members so you can focus during clutch moments”, according to the Valorant 4.11 patch notes.

As well as this new feature, there are a few bug fixes to take note of as well – especially if you’re a Jett main. Riot has patched up a few “superdash” exploits with Jett, whereby those using the duelist could achieve “faster than intended speeds” by popping a Tailwind in certain locations around the Valorant maps. If you’ve spent ages mastering these spots, we’re sorry to report that you’ll have to find somewhere else to break Jett instead.

Riot has also patched up a resurfacing Yoru bug, which sees the teleporting agent able to use his weapon earlier than intended using his Dimensional Drift ability.

There are also several other agent ability fixes for the likes of latest agent Fade, Skye, Sova, Chamber, KAY-O, and more.

You can brush up on all the changes in the Valorant patch notes.

As we’re about a month away from the start of Valorant Episode 5 (jheez, does time fly) Riot is clearly trying to get things neat and tidy before we receive a bunch of new content, as well as make your Valorant ranked life easier with that handy Clutch Mute feature.