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Valorant player discovers scary new Jett Icebox exploit

A brand new Valorant Jett Icebox exploit has been found by one keen-eyed Redditor, and the new boost spot for the Duelist gives her quite the advantage

Valorant Jett Icebox exploit: Jett with Icebox in the background

Valorant has always been compared to fellow competitive FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and for good reason. They’re both tactical shooters. They share a similar lineup of weapons. And both games require a basic understanding of economics. However, the most prudent comparison that can be made in the context of this story is that both titles have had their fair share of exploitable spots on each map.

Over the course of Valorant’s two-year life so far, players have been able to discover some pretty nasty spots for Jett on some of the Valorant maps. At the beginning of the month, Redditor ‘amenbo’ found a particularly nasty spot on Split (rest in peace). Now, ‘static-0x35’ has unearthed a brand new Jett spot on Icebox – and it’s pretty broken.

In the clip shared to Reddit, the player hops into A Top Site, before zipping across to 410. From there, they Updraft across to the corner of Pipes, wedging themselves between the two surfaces. From here, they can easily peek down into both Belt and Nest – the latter of which they can completely hide themselves from.

You can check out the full clip below.

Unexpected position in icebox from VALORANT

This clip – as with any of Jett’s previous exploit spots – has drawn immediate comparisons to CS:GO’s infamous ‘Olofboost’ which, for the uninitiated, saw former Fnatic player Olof ‘olofmeister’ Gustafsson use his teammates to boost him up into an advantageous spot on Overpass during 2014’s DreamHack Winter Major.

Needless to say, it looks like developer Riot Games will be keen to get this one patched out before players trying to climb the Valorant ranks fall prey to it. For CS:GO players hopping over to try out its younger cousin, at least, the exploit will make Valorant feel a bit more like a home away from home.