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Valorant player finds new Jett exploit day after patch 4.11 fixes

This Valorant Jett jump spot on Split is bound to cause some rage, as its incredibly overpowered and puts the duelist in an unexpected position

Valorant Jett exploit: Valorant agent Jett looks over her shoulder while one of her trademark daggers floats above her hand

June 9, 2022 Riot has removed Split from the competitive queue map pool in order to fix this Jett exploit.

Riot Games has only just patched up some troublesome Jett exploits in Valorant patch 4.11, but just a day later, a boundary-breaking player has found yet another Jett jump – and it’s pretty overpowered.

In a Reddit post, user ‘amenbo’ shows a brand new jump spot near A site on Split, which is so advantageous we expect this to be patched out quicker than you can say “Jett is broken”. Popping a Tailwind, amenbo launches Jett upwards and manages to land her on the top of some high-up wall lights. While they look far too thin to hold an agent, Jett can perch herself perfectly on these lights to not only take up a position that will catch enemies unawares, but to also get a commanding view of her surroundings.

While Jett is rather exposed up there, it’s far from a conventional spot to place yourself, and you’re able to see down into Mid Vent too. Looks like we’ll be seeing “Jett exploit on Split fixed” in the next set of Valorant patch notes

The post showcasing this Tailwind jump spot has already been seen by thousands of players on the Valorant subreddit, meaning you might encounter a fair few people trying this out in your Valorant ranked matches this week. So be warned, and remember to look up next time you’re slinking your way through Split.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Valorant maps guide, just in case you need a reminder of what location you need to be calling out should you spot a pair of Jett-sized feet up high as you enter an area.