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Harbor’s Valorant kit includes tidal waves and bullet sponges

Valorant's next agent Harbor is a water-wielding controller that can summon geysers, tidal waves, and bullet sponge bubbles. Here's his full kit

Valorant Harbor abilities: Harbor summons a small ball of energised water between his hands

Riot Games has revealed the full kit for new Valorant agent Harbor, and this controller is bursting at the seams with utility. In his reveal trailer, the dashing Harbor’s abilities were first teased, but now we have all the details on exactly what he can do.

First up, let’s talk about water walls. As a controller, Harbor can block off sightlines and protect players by putting up walls, but these are not your standard, linear blockers the likes of Sage and Viper can produce. Harbor’s High Tide (E) lets you create bendy, curved walls that can also slow players that it hits.

Harbor’s Q is called Cove, and it puts up a medium-sized protective bubble of water that will sponge any incoming bullet damage. This is perfect for spike planting and defusing.

Harbor can also summon a tidal wave to come crashing onto the map. His Cascade (c) ability sees him send out a wave of water that can travel through walls and slow any enemies that are caught in its path.

Finally, Reckoning (X) is Harbor’s ultimate ability. This sees him create a large area of effect where multiple geysers of water will spout up from the ground, targeting enemy players within the area. Anyone hit by a geyser will be concussed.

In a developer Q+A, Riot explains why now was the right time to add in a new controller agent, and why it made the decisions it did with Harbor’s kit.

“We set out to create a controller that didn’t have to go off into another world or look at a map to place their vision block,” says designer Alexander Mistakidis. “We also wanted to create an Agent that could compete with Viper on the maps where she is almost exclusively played. After [fellow Valorant designer] Kevin Meier completed his initial explorations, he honed in on Harbor being an Agent that can shape their vision block on the battlefield in creative ways.”

So, with a varied kit that seems relatively easy to pick up and use, we expect Harbor to be a popular new addition. As for where he’ll place in our Valorant tier list, only time will tell.

The Valorant Harbor release date is billed for the start of Episode 5 Act 3 on October 18.