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Valorant’s new agent Harbor is a water-wielding gigachad

Harbor is the name of the new Valorant agent for Episode 5 Act 3, and his trailer showcases a water-themed kit that can shield players

Valorant new agent Harbor: A close up of Valorant agent Harbor, wearing a green and blue armoured vest

The new Valorant agent for Episode 5 Act 3, Harbor, has received his agent trailer, and while a lot of talk is currently centred around his strikingly handsome appearance, the trailer also lifts the lid on what kind of abilities Harbor will bring to the tactical FPS game.

According to the trailer’s description on YouTube, Harbor (who is Valorant’s first agent to hail from India) will join the likes of Viper and Astra as a controller. Riot Games says that Harbor “commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummel opponents”, and these water-based abilities appear to mainly be controlled by the artifact on his wrist that he acquires in his reveal trailer.

So, what are Harbor’s abilities? We don’t have exact names and details yet, but pretty much his entire kit is shown in some capacity during the trailer.

The most obvious ability is a wall of water (yes, that’s yet another wall to sprawl across a site), which appears to absorb incoming damage from weapons, protecting those behind it. This seems like an excellent bit of utility for guarding crosses or spike defuses.

A similar ability is also shown, whereby Harbor encases himself in a sphere of water that also absorbs bullets, protecting him from damage.

Harbor can also be seen summoning some kind of tidal wave, which appears to wipe out guards that are pursuing him. Exactly how this works in-game is unclear, but it could be used either as a widespread, low-damage-dealing offensive ability or as something that can push enemies back or out of cover.

Finally, we see Harbor using a small disc device to create what appears to be a large area of effect ability. The device is used earlier in the trailer to disable a motorbike, so it could be some kind of EMP that shuts down certain abilities. Equally, the guards in the trailer appear to be turning away from it and shielding their faces, so it may be some kind of stun or blinding ability too.

We’ll learn more about the Valorant Harbor abilities and release date in the near future, but for now we can just sit and admire the new agent, who might just shoot to the top of our Valorant tier list for his dashing good looks alone…