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Is Valorant on Game Pass?

Are you wondering if Valorant is on Game Pass? Well here is the latest from Riot and Microsoft after the announcement of their partnership.

Valorant Game Pass: An agent can be seen

Is Valorant on Game Pass? With Microsoft and Riot’s partnership now in full swing, those looking to jump into the highly competitive shooter are looking for a way to get in that is easier than having to unlock all the heroes and level up the seasonal battle pass for ages.

Thankfully, there is a way to do that with Valorant, Riot, and Xbox’s partnership together and this guide will talk you through all you need to know. We will also be able to get you setup before you jump in and play the latest Act and Episode of the shooter.

Is Valorant on Game Pass?

Valorant became available on Game Pass from December 12, 2022, with a host of benefits for players if you have a linked account. These benefits include access to all currently available agents and day one access to all future agents, in addition to a 20% XP boost to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and Agent contract progress.

Account linking can be done right now and to find out how to link your Riot account and Xbox account, we have a guide to help you out. The bonuses will be available for as long as the partnership with Riot exists for Xbox Game pass, so you can expect a lot from the free-to-play game over the coming months and years.

If you are planning to jump into the competitive shooter, then be sure to check out our guide on the Valorant agent tier list right now and an overview of the best Valorant crosshair to use on PC. That way you can be fully prepared once you play Valorant on Game Pass.