How to link Riot account to your Xbox account

If you are hoping to make use of all of the Game Pass rewards in games like Valorant, you’ll need to know how to link Riot account and Xbox accounts together

How to link Riot Games account to Xbox account: Harbor Agent from Valorant wallpaper

After the surprising reveal at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase in June 2022, many players can now link their Riot account to their Xbox account to reap the rewards of this great partnership, so long as you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription of course. Whether you’re a League of Legends or a Valorant player, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal.

For example, the Game Pass deal could save Riot Games players up to $1,500 by taking part in it. So, if you’re a Riot Games fan, there’s no better way of getting to play the best characters in our Valorant Agents tier list. Here’s how you can link your accounts today.

How to link your Riot Games account with your Xbox account

To link your Riot Games account to your Xbox account, you’ll need to go to the Xbox Social sign-in page. You’ll need to login to your associated Xbox account first, then login to your Riot Games account. Here’s the detailed instructions on doing this:

  • Go to the Xbox Social sign-in page
  • Login to your Xbox account and accept permissions for Riot to access your details
  • Either click ‘Create account’ or ‘Link existing account’

If you are creating a new account, follow the steps provided and for linking an account, you may be prompted to input a security code sent to the attached email

After this, your accounts will be linked, meaning you’ll have access to the treasure trove of bonuses for having a Game Pass subscription and playing your favourite games. However, if you have yet to play Riot Games’ great titles, this is an exciting opportunity to skip the grind.

That’s everything you need to know about how to link your Riot account to your Xbox account. While this is a great reason to have Game Pass anyway, having an active subscription also gets you all Game Pass games, which you should definitely check out.