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Valorant’s Omen showcases green thumb in potential Episode 6 teaser

A new teaser possibly hinting at Valorant Episode 6 has dropped, and Omen is clearly as adept with plant cutters as he is with the FPS game's various knives

Valorant Episode 6 Omen Bonsai teaser: Omen trimming a Bonsai tree while Sage stares at monitors in the background

Valorant developer Riot Games has dropped yet another teaser hinting at something major set to take place on January 5 – most likely the onset of Episode 6 of the FPS game – and this time it features Omega Earth’s version of Omen enjoying some downtime in Legion HQ.

While the initial clip – dropped on New Year’s Day – saw Fade taking a rainy stroll through a neon-soaked city, the latest snippet shows Omen pruning his Bonsai tree while Sage keeps a watchful eye on the monitors. Clearly, we can see why Omen is one of the top Controllers on our Valorant tier list – just look at the way he masterfully controls those cutters.

Over on Reddit, the general consensus is that these are teasers for a new map, though anything of the sort has yet to be confirmed by Riot. However, we do know that, with Bind and Breeze soon leaving the Valorant maps pool in favour of the returning Split, we are one map shy of Riot’s magic number seven. Either way, it looks like the Valorant Episode 6 release date is imminent.

You can peep the teaser for yourself below.

As is the standard for Riot’s drip marketing for new content at this point, we can imagine further sneak peeks and cryptic clues over the coming days.