Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass skins, buddies, player cards, and sprays

All the new goodies the new Valorant battle pass has to offer in Episode 3, Act 2

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 is almost here, and Riot Games’ decision to delay its release looks like it’s more than paid off. There’s a new map called Fracture on the way, which will help us learn more about the mirrorverse and the ongoing conflict within it. There’s been even more teasers for Valorant’s new agent Deadeye. And, of course, the new battle pass goodies have now been announced – and some of the Valorant skins are rather luxurious.

The Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass is set to feature three new weapon skin lines: Artisan, Nitro, and Varnish. While they sound pretty pricey, don’t worry – the battle pass will still only cost 1,000 VP when it arrives on September 8. This might also be a particularly pertinent time to invest in the battle pass as well, seeing as this season marks the first time an Operator, Phantom, and Vandal skin have all featured on one pass.

But what can we expect from these skins, and what else will we see on this pass? According to art lead Sean Marino, “Artisan and Varnish should feel like they’re made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy. For the accessories, we tried to incorporate a lot more jokes and memes into this battle pass, especially since players really seemed to enjoy some of the more meme stuff we’d put into others.”

Here’s all the cosmetics you can get your hands on in the Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass.

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass skins

The Valorant skins featured on this pass are rather indulgent indeed. We’re particularly fond of Artisan’s royal blue variants – and look at that rapier-esque melee, stunning. Meanwhile, Varnish looks like the skins team has somehow found a way to weaponise an old manor house’s drawing room.

Finally, the Nitro set mixes sharp lines with splashes of carbon fibre to offer something a little more high-octane – perfect for when you need to quickly rotate after your enemies bait you and plant on the opposite side of the map.


  • Bucky
  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Melee


  • Guardian
  • Odin
  • Operator
  • Vandal


  • Bulldog
  • Judge
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass buddies

The new Valorant battle pass sports some of the best buddies to date. Senior producer Preeti Khanolkar could very well be right about Follow Me being “the best buddy” Riot has dropped into a pass to date. We’re also big fans of the Bruno Coin because, well, Bruno.


  • Artisan
  • Bruno Coin
  • Bruno Coin (Epilogue)
  • Episode 3, Act 2 Coin
  • Follow Me
  • KNG Meridian
  • Root Beer
  • Sample 36-K
  • Time’s Up
  • VLT/R

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass Player Cards

Khanolkar states that Riot is “trying to create more ‘series’ content so that players who enjoy collecting items can add to their collections.” The Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass sees the debut of the ‘Unstoppable’ card series, with Reyna spearheading the new line. It’s pretty cool, not gonna lie.

Player Cards:

  • 100% Aimbot
  • Artisan
  • Ascent Schema
  • (Epilogue) Skin Bait
  • Escalation
  • Falcon Firearms
  • Manifest Elegance
  • Rainfall
  • Skin Bait
  • Taking Note
  • Teknika Firearms
  • Unstoppable – Reyna
  • Versus Phoenix + Phoenix

Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass sprays

Riot says it was leaning further into the memes, and the studio wasn’t kidding. ‘Nice Try!’ perfectly epitomises the feeling of whiffing your pistol shots after a successful lurk, resulting in a fat L. And that ‘Not Impressed’ Viper spray? Exquisite.


  • Artisan (animated)Crispy
  • Does Not Compute
  • Hold Up
  • Hooked
  • Love Hate
  • Nice Try!
  • No Judge
  • Not Impressed
  • OTL
  • Promises Kept
  • This is Not Fine
  • To the Moon
  • Trust in my Healing
  • Yikes

And there you have it, everything that’s coming with the Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 battle pass. Now you’re in the know, you can decide for yourself if it’ll be worth it to invest your hard-earned pennies into this season’s pass. Maybe this time we’ll clear enough of it while grinding the Valorant ranks to get our hands on the melee skin…