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Valorant update removes leaving penalties from Deathmatch

Valorant Deathmatch will now be a "drop in, drop out" mode

Valorant patch 3.07 has just been revealed, and while it’s only a wee update with only a couple of gameplay changes involving Jett and Viper, it does contain a rather bold change. Despite AFKing and leaving matches in Valorant ranked and other modes being severely punishable offences, Riot Games has today announced that it’s relaxing these rules for the standard, unranked Deathmatch mode.

Citing Deathmatch as a “warm up” mode for many players, Riot has decided to remove all penalties for leaving a match in this mode early – something that seems pretty unthinkable given its tough stance towards this in its games. Riot says that Deathmatch will now become a “drop in, drop out” mode in today’s patch notes.

The only drawback to leaving a game of Deathmatch early now is that you will not earn XP. XP will only be awarded to those who finish a whole match. Nevertheless, expect the 5v5 gameplay to quickly unravel now that players will suffer next to no consequence for leaving early.

While this is good news for those who just fancy a risk-free warm up before an intense Valorant session, it’s not so ideal for those trying to get in some proper reps in Deathmatch.

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