New Valorant Community Challenges kick off with Team Deathmatch task

Riot Games' new Valorant Community Challenges kick off shortly and give everyone the chance to earn some neat rewards just for playing.

Valorant Community Challenges 2023: an image of Deadlock frowning

Valorant developer Riot Games is celebrating a year of excellent content and the Valorant community enjoying that content with a series of broad challenges for this FPS’ playerbase to complete throughout the final few weeks of 2023. If you’re wondering what you need to do to take part in these new Valorant Community Challenges, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s all kicking off with Team Deathmatch very shortly – and all you really need to do is actually play it.

Throughout 2023, Valorant has proved time and time again that it’s one of the best FPS games out there right now and – even though climbing the Valorant ranks can be a chore at times – there’s a lot of fun to be had with this shooter. If, however, you want to make sure you’re getting more than just fun from Valorant, you’re going to want to be playing Team Deathmatch for the next week or so.

Why that game mode specifically? Well, the first of three new Valorant Community Challenges (named ‘Gaining Approval in TDM’) requires the entire Valorant community to play 555,555 matches of Team Deathmatch between November 27 at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT and December 4 at 09:59 PST / 12:59 EST / 17:59 GMT. The reward for completing this challenge is the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy – which you can see for yourself below.

That might sound like a lot of Team Deathmatch, but with the amount of people actually playing Valorant, the community should make light work of the task at hand. Team Deathmatch is also a great place for players to check out some of the best Valorant agents out there without as much risk as other modes – as it’s a respawn-based game mode. So, even if you’re not much of a fan, you can use this as a place to practice – if anything – and work towards earning a reward while you do it.

The second Community Challenge, which will kick off on December 4 at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT and run until December 11 at 09:59 PST / 12:59 EST / 17:59 GMT, will ask the Valorant community to contribute a total of 500,300,100 kills with either the Vandal or the Phantom. That’s over 500 million kills. The rewards for this challenge will be the Not A Peep and VERSUS player cards for Deadlock and Gekko – again, both of which shown below.

If you struggle to use either weapon, making sure you’re using the best Valorant settings and one of the best Valorant crosshair codes might help. Keeping an eye on both of these things is more important than it might seem; they’re simple changes that really can improve your experience playing – and, with any luck, help you get a few more kills than usual.

The final Community Challenge, which asks the Valorant community to earn 300,000,000 assists in any game mode, should be easier for everyone to complete – and an easier one to contribute to. However, this challenge is only active from December 11 at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT to December 15 at 09:59 PST / 12:59 EST / 17:59 GMT – which is several days shorter than the other challenges. The reward for the rather aptly named ‘Spray and Pray’ challenge is a Wingman Spray – so, perhaps the worst reward of the three.

Valorant Community Challenges 2023: the rewards available

When the Valorant community completes a challenge, a redeemable code will be released and available to all – which is how you get your hands on any of the rewards Riot Games is dishing out. All you need to do is log in on the Valorant code redemption site here and redeem the code released by Valorant after each challenge is complete. These codes expire on December 31 at 23:59 PST; so, you’re not going to want to wait around too long when they’re released before claiming them yourself.

We know the Valorant stats show just how disappointing Iso’s impact on the meta has been so far, but this could be a great time for you to check out the newest agent on the roster without needing to worry about your stats. And, who knows? Just because Iso is a little unpopular at the moment, that doesn’t mean he isn’t the right pick for your playstyle. In the right hands, every agent is deadly.