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Valorant Classic right-click nerfs have arrived at last

The Classic right-click has been a menace to those climbing the Valorant ranks for some time

From the bowels of the Valorant ranks all the way up to the pinnacle of Radiant, Valorant players have been picking a bone with the alt-fire on the Classic sidearm for time eternal. Despite being nerfed at points throughout the competitive FPS game’s life, this free weapon has caused chaos due to the power it holds when right-clicked. As part of the latest Valorant patch 3.09, Riot Games is once again hitting the Classic with the nerf gun.

“The Classic (right-click) has been over-performing in close to mid-range encounters when used while jumping or on the move,” Riot says in its latest Valorant patch notes. “So we’ve reduced the weapon’s effective accuracy while jumping, running, and walking, with the intent of narrowing it’s ideal use case to only really close ranges.”

Hopefully the new change will mitigate many of the more ridiculous deaths players suffer from range when targeted by a Classic user on the move. Already, pros have piped up in admiration of the changes.

“Remember 02/11/2021 – Classic nerf day,” says G2 Esports’ Óscar ‘m1xwell’ Colocho. Fnatic’s James ‘Mistic’ Orfila meanwhile has likened the change to taking one step closer to Valorant utopia.

With this latest set of nerfs to the Classic – which has had previous accuracy nerfs while mobile on patches 3.0 and 2.0 – this could hopefully finally be the patch that reigns this tiny monster in, and opens up other sidearm options on an eco.