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Valorant’s new agent will join Act 3 fashionably late on October 27

Here's what to expect from Valorant Act 3, which releases October 13

Valorant’s eagerly anticipated Act 3 will launch on October 13, and will introduce a new battle pass, the Singularity Skin Line, a brand new Icebox map, and a new character, who will launch two weeks later, on October 27.

We’ll start with the new map, Icebox. An abandoned excavation site in the arctic tundra, Icebox brings some exciting changes to horizontal traversal with ziplines cutting right across the map. As well as being able to quickly reposition when necessary, you can shoot while riding these – although your recoil will likely be all kinds of skew-whiff.

According to the Act 3 announcement, as well as the ziplines, the new map has “dangerous heights,” (AKA increased verticality) bringing a new edge to your fights. Icebox already looks like a bigger map than the current four options, and the developer is aiming to encourage “frequent skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play.” It could prove interesting and exciting at any level, from tournaments to casual play.

The next most exciting update is the new agent, as yet unnamed. Although she’ll be turning up fashionably late, we’re expecting exciting things for Valorant players. Her tardiness is explained by Valorant’s comms associate, Jeff Landa, who says her delayed release “allows us to better handle any issues that might emerge when launching alongside Patch 1.10.”

Players were desperate for the new map, which is Icebox is coming before the new agent. Hopefully, the developers will be able to get a handle on any 1.10 bugs before the new agent is released.

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Act 3 will also introduce changes to ranked play, as well as introducing a new battle pass and skin line. Here’s what’s in store:

Competitive Refresh

Some fairly major changes are coming to Valorant ranked matches:

  • Upgrade that Act Rank Badge with the next Competitive Act
  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for tighter matchmaking
  • Select your preferred server and improve your ping
  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses

Act 3 battle pass

There will of course be exclusive cosmetics and items in the new battle pass, including a ‘Chilly McFreeze’ Gun Buddy that will fit right into Icebox, and the coronavirus-inspired Viper Spray which shows a safety message encouraging you to wash your hands. It’s probably worth going over your keyboard with an anti-bac wipe, too, to be honest.

The battle pass will of course have a premium option with access to more items, such as the Ruin Vandal, ‘Disco Ball’ Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky.

Singularity Weapon Skins

If your Christmas list has consisted of precisely one thing since the age of five, and that thing is purple isometric sci-fi skins for Valorant weapons, then you’re in luck! The “abstract” and “unstable” Singularity skins will be available for the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee weapons. If you were after a bike, you’ll have to wait a couple of months and hope you’re on the Nice list.

Additionally, the Dallah Gun Buddy will be available for players who log in on October 28, to celebrate players from the Middle East and North Africa joining the fray.

Act 3 is adding a lot of new content to Valorant all at once. A new map and agent are sure to spice things up and change the meta, so long as the game stays stable and as bug-free as possible.