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Texas Chain Saw Massacre could easily solve this Grandpa problem

Escaping from the Sawyer family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a tough task, but one change to the frightening Grandpa would make matches much smoother.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa alert notification

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game encapsulates the 1974 classic’s atmosphere effortlessly, and the harrowing Sawyer family takes it to the next level. Joining Leatherface, The Cook, and The Hitchhiker is Grandpa Sawyer, but his presence in Texas Chain Saw Massacre includes an intrusive notification during intense moments of escape.

Players such as ‘Domino9801’ detail an “example [of] why [the] Grandpa cutscene should be removed” from the game. Below you can see the Redditor attempting to flee captivity and Leatherface’s wrath, but alerting the Grandpa obscures gameplay with an unskippable notification. The alert signals to other players that Grandpa is awake and can hear survivors trying to escape.

While the alert is useful for both survivors and family members (enemy players), it interrupts the flow of gameplay according to players. “The cutscene needs to be removed, it’s interrupting gameplay. They should just show the message on the screen without any cutscene,” says ‘TehZumo‘. Other fans share that the notification is a hindrance to using tools, as ‘codingphp‘ adds that “it interrupts actions, too! If you’re using an ability, the ability continues to deplete during the cutscene.”

Example why grandpa cutscene should be removed
by u/Domino8901 in TXChainSawGame

Redditors like ‘Stopmeifyoucanhaha‘ believe the alert’s current form acts as an unfair advantage for players hunting down survivors: “Strange they [Gun Interactive] wouldn’t foresee this happening. It should be a small box or pause the game. Not work as a perk for the family.”

As a result of this divisive feature, Texas Chain Saw Massacre fans are devising suggestions that developer Gun Interactive could implement into the game. One such tweak is to display the notification as a small screen in the corner of the game’s user interface – similar to how Hitman games have showcased body discoveries.

‘Divaonline’ expresses that “the ‘victim noise has awoken grandpa’ notification would be a lot better if it was in the bottom left corner of the screen.”

The “victim noise has awoken grandpa” notification would be a lot better if it was in the bottom left corner of the screen.
by u/divaonline in TXChainSawGame

Whether this is a change that is reflected in future updates remains to be seen, but with the game’s impressive playerbase at launch, Gun Interactive is showing its appreciation. CEO Wes Keltner celebrates the milestone on social media, saying that “one million players in 24 hours!? Insane. Y’all are freaking insane. Thank You!”

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is emerging as one of the best horror games that 2023 has to offer so far, so don’t hesitate to check out The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Game Pass and what crossplay options are available.