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The Mageseeker release date, story, gameplay, and more

Get an overview of all the details for Digital Sun's next game with The Mageseeker release date, its story, and the gameplay on offer.

The Mageseeker Release Date: Sylas can be seen

The Mageseeker is the latest Riot Forge game that is set to expand upon the world of Runeterra. This time with Sylas at the centre this action-packed experience will focus more on offering a more intense combat experience unlike League of Legends than expanding upon the lore and world of the existing universe. But, when is The Mageseeker release date?

Below, you can find the latest release date for The Mageseeker. Plus, a roundup of everything we know about the game from Moonlighter developers Digital Sun and a glimpse of gameplay for the game.

The Mageseeker release date

The Mageseeker’s release date is set for April 18, 2023 on both console, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

This means that fans of League of Legends can pick up The Mageseeker no matter where they play. Those who pre-order The Mageseeker will net themselves a Lost Silverwing pre-order bonus.

The Mageseeker story

The Mageseeker puts you in the shoes of Sylas, one of the League of Legends champions. The 2D, gritty pixel art style will see you fight in Demacia, a mighty kingdom in the world of Runeterra. A kingdom which curtails what it deems as forbidden magic, Sylas seeks vengeance on the kingdom and to shatter the peace.

As such, he will seek to overthrow the order and end peace as revenge for the fact it was built with the blood and sweat of mages.

The Mageseeker gameplay

The Mageseeker, like Moonlighter, is a top-down action game. Although this game has more of an action focus than Digital Sun’s previous title. It appears to be more similar to something like Hades, ahead of the Hades 2 release date later this year.

The Mageseeker looks to have fast-paced and quite aggressive combat. You’ll dash around arenas dodging powerful attacks, only to manoeuvre behind your enemy using your chain hooks to pull yourself in for a killing blow. No doubt it will take some time getting to grips with the combat before being able to dance around your enemies will deadly precision and speed.

While the original The Mageseeker reveal trailer showed very little gameplay, the official The Mageseeker gameplay trailer highlighted the intense action-packed combat players can expect once The Mageseeker release date arrives.

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That covers everything we know about the game ahead of The Mageseeker release date in April 2023. Hopefully, Digital Sun are preparing another great indie game here that will make it onto our best PS5 games, best Xbox Series X games, and best Nintendo Switch games lists once it’s release.